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On April 15, the Federal Horticultural Show (BUGA) in Koblenz opens its doors. We introduce you to the highlights of the garden show.

"Koblenz transforms" is the motto of the Federal Garden Show 2011. The focus of the garden show are the three fenced core areas Kurfürstliches Castle, Blumenhof and fortress Ehrenbreitstein. Here flower shows, exhibitions and events take place during the Federal Garden Show. The freely accessible, so-called correspondence areas such as the river promenades on the Rhine and Moselle have also been transformed into high-quality open spaces. So behind the castle there is a sitting-step system which opens the access to the water.

Electoral Palace

Buga Koblenz

The Federal Garden Show is an event that fascinates several generations of amateur gardeners

The Electoral Palace in Koblenz is one of the most important French-early Classicist buildings in southern Germany. It was built shortly before the French Revolution and served as the residence of the last Archbishop and Elector of Trier, Clemens Wenzeslaus of Saxony. Later, the Prussian Crown Prince and later Emperor Wilhelm I resided here for a few years... Today, the Electoral Palace belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage "Upper Middle Rhine Valley".
In the course of the Federal Garden Show 2011, a new axis was created by opening the castle, which extends from the rail breakpoint Koblenz city center on the castle road through the castle itself to the Rhine. The entire complex has been landscaped with lush plantings, bodies of water, fountains, radial steps and perimeter walls. The garden behind the castle was restored to Lenné's historical plans and terraced to the Rhine. On the banks of the Rhine behind the castle, a 100-meter-wide seating staircase was built.

Fortress Ehrenbreitstein

Cable car Buga

A cable car over the Mosel connects the fortress Ehrenbreitstein with the Deutsches Eck

The fortress Ehrenbreitstein lies in about 120 meters height on the same mountain opposite the German corner. The fort goes back to a castle that was built around the year 1000, destroyed in the interim and rebuilt in the early 19th century under Prussian rule. After the First World War, the plant was to be disposed of in accordance with the Treaty of Versailles. However, various senior military recognized their cultural and historical value and successfully campaigned for the preservation of the fortress Ehrenbreitstein.
Today, the fortress is a popular recreational destination and next to the Deutsches Eck one of the landmarks of the city of Koblenz. For the Federal Garden Show, the extensive plateau was embellished with extensive rose and shrub plantations. Here are also the well-liked model gardens and various theme exhibitions such as the history of viticulture settled. In the fortress Ehrenbreitstein itself various events take place. The BUGA cable car runs between the Deutsches Eck and Ehrenbreitstein Fortress for the Federal Garden Show. With its glazed cabins, it offers spectacular views of the Rhine and the mouth of the Moselle. Incidentally, one round trip per person is included in the admission fee for the Federal Garden Show.
Tip: An overview of the entire exhibition area of ​​BUGA 2011 in Koblenz can be found here.

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