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Insect protection - everything you need to know: insect

On the other hand, it is also because of the insects, germs can transfer, and, it is believed, have become more aggressive by the increased pollution.

How to protect yourself from insects

Insect protection is a generic term for all different ways to protect against insects. Insect protection in the summer can be done in many ways. You can attach an insect screen to the windows. These are sturdy grids and can be used over several years, either fixed or out depending on the weather and season. Then there are insect screens, in all sorts of colors and sizes, made of different materials. This insect repellent is stuck in the window frames and this stays in there for a season. You can also leave the coarse-meshed textile surface in the window over the winter, but the material quickly becomes porous and, depending on the material, the next insect season can no longer be used. Insect protection can also be clamped into the window frame with a novel installation system so that the insect screen does not sag. Another name for the insect repellent is an insect screen. Insect grating, the colloquial name that can mean many things, both the insect grille glued into the window frame, but the fixed insect screen or the insect screen. Fly screen, a term for all sorts of systems, also a generic term insect protection in the summer.

Insect screen

An insect screen is one of the more noble protection measures in the field of insect protection, which you can treat yourself and his four walls. Insect screens can be mounted so that they are pulled up and down like blinds or shutters, as needed, thus protecting both the people in the home, in the house, from the little stinging pests. At the same time, however, to allow a clear view and insight into the window. Alternatively, going in and going out, watering the flowers and cleaning the windows from the outside on the ground floor. Of course, insect screen roller blinds are also available for all conventional windows and doors. Particularly important are insect screens in rooms that are constantly being used, such as well-ventilated bedrooms, or even children's rooms, children's playrooms and dining rooms. Especially in the dining room, this is of great importance, because the food fragrances are also attracted by other insects, not only the well-known pest ghosts who like to get lost in living rooms. For example wasps. Although such a small stub fly can be annoying, but is not nearly as dangerous as a wasp, through whose sting many people can also react allergic.

fly wire

A stable solution to protect against insects in the summer. Flying wire is stronger, but also flexible than the conventional variants you can buy anywhere. Flying wire is also used for the individual construction of furniture, for example, to give kitchen cabinet doors a corresponding visual appearance, but also in the kitchen with no insects in cabinets. Hobbyists know flying wire for many other uses.

bug spray

The chemical lobe in insect repellent is the insect repellent par excellence. Today's insect sprays are no longer as harmful to health as they used to be, but you should never use them if people are in the same rooms during spraying and shortly thereafter. However, they work effectively, especially with a proper insect pest.


The solution for all places of the apartment where insects like to stay, but no one could bump his hair off. That may sound weird, but if you have long hair, once got a strand of hair in a sticky flycatcher, you know exactly what meant it (first, you get his hair out there hardly, fly-catcher have a very high adhesive power, and secondly the hair is glued so that one has to cut off the hair). Flypaper, in some situations, the only way to get rid of the insect pest. An invasion of vinegar flies, or even the normal housefly. With the fly swatter not to eliminate insect repellent you would not use, so the insect strips are ideal. These flycatchers also attract the small crawling and flying creatures with certain fragrances and stick to it.


They are made of different materials, have different effects due to different systems, but they all work to protect humans. The difference is just where you want to use them. For who can sleep, when the little devils sit in the curtains and dark corners of the room and just wait until it gets dark, so that they can plunge on the almost sleepy people and make themselves felt with an annoying noise.

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