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Colorful summer meadows and flower beds, as well as rich fruit trees would be unthinkable if they did not exist: the talk is of insects. Too often it is unfortunately forgotten what an important role the beneficial insects have. Unfortunately, it is a fact that human beings, who benefit greatly from the industrious little helpers, unfortunately contribute to the declining number of beneficial insects.
Insect house & Co. - how you can help to protect insects
It is relatively easy to create an insect-friendly garden. Above all, it is important to at least design parts of the garden close to nature. Smooth lawns may look neat and tidy, but insect-friendly is not too pedantic. At least part of the meadow should remain as a natural meadow with a variety of summer flowers and grasses, but it serves as a habitat for many useful insects. Also, it is always advisable to leave a corner with deadwood or leaves in the fall on the property or create a compost heap. Both deciduous and deadwood or compost piles serve as habitat for many insects. In addition, a very good option is to set up insect houses - even tinkered or bought as a ready-made variant insect shelter houses are highly recommended.
Bumblebees, bees & wasps - beware, but do not panic
A wasp nest in the garden or at the house causes many homeowners to panic. Sure, hardly anyone is looking forward to a nest in the immediate vicinity of the house, but the occasion for quick action is usually only given if the nest immediately adjacent to the nursery or allergic reactions due to bites in a house residents are known. In general, it is forbidden to destroy nests. Only a potential danger should be cause to remove a nest. If the whirring insects have settled in a very unfavorable place, it is advisable to implement the net, the destruction is only the last conceivable alternative.
In general, it is important to remember what role insects play in our ecosystem. Reports of "bee mortality" should be thought-provoking and not marginalized. Even the little ones should already be sensitized to this important topic. Those who want to bring nature closer to their own children will not be able to deny the important role of insects.
Many interesting and helpful information about insects, the valuable beneficial insects, can also be found under our eponymous heading.

Insects beneficial insects: beneficial insects

Wasp nest - the nest's structure explained

Would you like to know when you can best eliminate a wasp nest? Or do you already know that wasp nests are not very dangerous but very useful and that they almost never can be eliminated, and are now simply interested in building this fascinating construction?

Insects beneficial insects: insects

Build Wild Bee Hotel - Instructions | Location | When to set up?

Wild bees are important beneficial insects that pollinate a variety of plants. Unfortunately, however, they find less and less suitable living and living space. They can be helped with a wild bee hotel. The construction manual and other important information can be found here.

Insects beneficial insects: insects

Rhinoceros beetle: Profile + promote the beneficial insect in the garden

Anyone who discovers a rhinoceros beetle in their own garden, can be happy and marvel at it. The male specimen offers a spectacular sight with the curved horn on the head. But rhinoceros beetles are also useful animals for us. It's worth promoting.

Build butterfly house yourself

Butterflies are probably among the most popular garden visitors. Unfortunately, they seem to become rarer and rarer. No wonder, since their habitat has diminished significantly in the zeal of the gardener who loves gardening.

Breeding butterflies - tips for breeding butterflies

Is not it a wonderful sight when the garden is full of butterflies in summer? Would not it be a nice idea to make sure that many butterflies fly around in the garden? The beginner sets up for this purpose a butterfly box by the butterflies find shelter, the ambitious nature lover thinks of a butterfly breeding.

Spiders in Germany - an overview

People who do not like spiders usually do not want to know anything about spiders. The pure involvement with the spiders can help to reduce much of the fear of the spiders. In order to seduce you to read, if you absolutely can not win the spiders, we begin our overview very gently with the nice side of the spiders.

Construction manual for bumblebee box - making it easy

Almost all bumblebee species nest in the abandoned nests of small mammals. An exception is however the tree bumblebee, because this likes to nest in tree caves.

Build a bumble-bee box and set it up correctly

Our bumblebees are threatened with extinction, many species are listed in the Red List of Endangered Species. If you would like to help preserve these animals that are important to our nature, you could build a bumblebee box so that (maybe rare) bumblebees produce offspring in your garden.

Build caterpillar yourself - caterpillars provide a home

A caterpillar box is particularly interesting for families with children or school classes and kindergartens, because in this way the children can observe the transformation from the caterpillar to the butterfly.

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