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Anyone who creates a perennial bed for the first time must learn a lot of knowledge. It's not just about finding a well-balanced combination of colors and shapes - the plants should fit together in terms of their areas of life, and of course you want the flowers to flower throughout the season.

Therefore, ready-to-use perennial mixtures combine several advantages: You save planning effort, the plants are coordinated with each other, from spring to autumn there are always new aspects and the maintenance effort is low.

Particularly fast succeeds the plant with so-called plant tiles, which are designed similar to a turf according to a predetermined concept simply on a prepared bed. The biggest advantage is that you immediately have a closed plant cover. So one can do without the frequent weeding of the weeds, which is indispensable with classical arranged beds, until the planting has closed.

Lay the plant tile

The plant coverings, which are already overgrown, are simply laid out close to each other on the prepared bed surface

Sheep's wool as carrier material

The basic structure of the Plant Tile, developed by the Swiss manufacturer Sellana, is a 100% organic mat made from sheep's wool with a peat and coconut-free substrate. The soil coverings, perennials and grasses rooted in them give the plant bricks the necessary stability and are supplied with nutrients by the slowly rotting sheep's wool. Flower bulbs are also included and provide the first splashes of color a year. The preferred plant bricks are already well rooted and planted nationwide. They grow quickly and emerging weeds have little chance.

Plant concepts for classic bedding surfaces such as "Sommerwind" and "Pink Paradise", the latter also in blue-white and pure white, are available, as well as an elm flower mixture, which is particularly suitable for dry areas under trees, as well as a special embankment planting and a perennial hedge with up to two meters high species.

Plant Tile bed preparation

Plant bricks finished and grown

On the left you can see a ready-made bed area. The soil was loosened, enriched with humus and horn shavings and leveled. The right picture shows the area designed with the assortment "Sommerwind" in August of the same year

Six to ten square meters or 30 to 50 bricks should be planned for a harmonious planting. Each plant tile is 0.2 square meters in size and typically contains a solitary perennial or a small tree as well as ground-covering perennials and flower bulbs. A planting concept consists of 10 to 15 different bricks, which can be laid out in any combination on the surface. Prerequisite for good growth is a loose and weed-free humus rich soil. Root weeds such as greed and couch grass should be thoroughly removed before laying the bricks.

The most important care for the beds is a comprehensive pruning in autumn. This can also be done in a time-saving manner with a highly adjusted lawnmower in most planting concepts.

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