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Voles are widespread in Europe and prefer to nibble on the root system of various plants such as fruit trees, potatoes, root vegetables and onion flowers. Through their unbridled appetite, they cause significant damage to fields and private gardens every year. Tulip bulbs in particular have done it to the vole. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the greedy rodents at a distance when planting the onions.

Self-made wire baskets made of galvanized rectangular wire with a mesh size of about twelve millimeters provide reliable protection against voles. The baskets are very easy to make yourself. All you need is a gauge, a side cutter and a binding wire, except for the wire mesh.

Step by step: make a vole basket made of chicken wire

Make vole basket from wire mesh

Make vole basket

First measure a square, approximately 44 x 44 centimeter piece of wire (left) and cut it with the side cutter from the wire mesh track. Two opposite sides are then cut so far that left and right four four-inch tabs arise (right). In each case you have to break ten stitches each and pinch the protruding wire ends with the side cutter

Wire mesh for vole basket

Wicker basket made of wire mesh

Bend up the four tabs and four side panels at a 90 degree angle to form a rectangular basket (left). The tabs are attached with a piece of binding wire to the side walls (right) and the protruding wire is pinched off

Wicker basket made of wire mesh

Plant bulbs with vole basket

The finished vole basket can remain open at the top (left), as voles do not like coming to the surface. If a suitable place is found in the bed, the planting hole is dug, so deep that the top of the wire basket is just below the ground level (right). Then the rodents can not get to the onions from above. Place the tulips on a drainage layer of sand at a distance of five to eight centimeters. The latter prevents waterlogging and rot, which is especially important in heavy, impermeable soils

After inserting the vole basket, refill the soil and press firmly. Watering the planting is only necessary in dry weather. Finally, you should mark the spot so that you can remember the planting until the next year.

Plant flower bulbs

So that you find the planting site in the spring and do not accidentally dig up, you should put a labeled planting plate in the ground

Voles like tulips and hyacinth bulbs especially like, so it is essential to use a protective basket here. Narcissus and imperial crowns (Fritillaria), on the other hand, tend to spurn rodents. In addition to vole baskets for the protection of flower bulbs as a natural remedy against voles also prepared Elderjauche helps.

Video: plant flower bulbs

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