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For the construction of a bird feeder house, a jigsaw, wood drill, cordless screwdriver, hammer and, if necessary, screw clamps are required. The basis of material are solid wood boards, square wood, round bars, wood glue, wooden dowels, as well as environmentally friendly wood paint.
In the first step the foursquare woods are processed. The jigsaw must be cut to an angle of 30°. Depending on the equipment, these can be clamped in screw clamps to simplify work.
The base plate should have at least the dimensions 40 x 40 cm, in order to be able to offer the birds enough space. In the bottom plate must be drilled out with a wood drill, a diameter of 8 mm, in each case a hole in the corners. Now the square blocks are screwed to the bottom plate. It is important that the wooden dowels fit accurately into the drill holes. The sawn squared timber must now be glued to the base plate.
Now you have to cut into the solid wood panels with an angle of 60° and then glue them. The crossbars can be connected with screws or nails with the square tweezers.
Since the bird feeder house is open, the roof can be decorated with roofing felt. For optimum weather protection, glaze based on ecological components can be used. If chemical additives are used, there is a risk that the feed house will not be visited due to the odors. The smells of the glaze outweigh the smell of the food. A good alternative is also linseed oil. If the feed house is painted with it several times, reliable weather protection can also be provided.
The bird feeder house should be installed at a reasonable height. Either in a tree or on a high post, as the colorful bustle could otherwise be disturbed by cats, martens or foxes.
No matter which form of feed house is chosen, it should always be ensured that it is easily accessible, so that the feed, especially sunflower seeds, can be refilled without problems. For children, the feeding is truly a highlight, since the possibility of watching birds from close proximity, otherwise hardly exists.
The most important tips on hygiene at the feeding station

  • Make sure that there are no food leftovers, both in the bird feeder house and on the ground below.
  • Birds spend a lot of their time eating, and digestion continues during this time, so it is not unlikely that the feed will be contaminated by bird droppings in a short time.
  • If this feces contaminated by the feces is eaten, so disease germs can be passed.
  • A bird feeder house should therefore be freed regularly from leftovers and then subjected to a cleaning.
  • You can buy in the zoo trade suitable detergents, which also disinfect the bird feed house immediately.
  • The bird feeder can also be simply rinsed with hot water, which destroys the germs as well.
  • You should get used to wearing gloves when cleaning for hygienic reasons.
The right food
  • That sunflower seeds are suitable, has already been mentioned above, more specifically, they are a basic food, which is eaten by most species.
  • If you like to watch the birds eating, you should feed unpeeled sunflower seeds, which have to "unpack" the birds, so you can watch them longer.
  • Grain eaters are usually used in the feed house, the most common representatives among them are sparrows, titmice and finches.
  • Among the wintering birds with us but also include soft-food eaters, blackbirds z. B., or wrens, robins, field chokes and hedgerow shrubs.
  • If you want to see and feed these birds, you would have to offer them bran or oatmeal, raisins or fruit, near the bottom.
  • In winter, supplementation with a mixture of seeds and fat, either home-made or bought, is the most popular of the "Meisenknödel".
  • Forbidden are all seasoned remnants of the human table, including boiled potatoes, and bread does not tolerate birds at all, it can even swell dangerously in the stomach of birds.
Remember to put a potion on the birds anyway. In the summer, the birdbath is also used in the heat for a refreshing bath, in winter it can be vital for the birds, when all small puddles are frozen. Also, this potion should be rinsed regularly with boiling water.
Does the new liveliness in the garden bring joy to you? Then the next project is definitely a nest box in the garden, which also allows you to observe the young bird.

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