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A bird bath in the garden or on the balcony is not only required in hot summers. In many settlements, but also in large parts of the open landscape, natural waters are in short supply or difficult to access because of their steep banks - therefore waterholes in the garden are vital for many bird species. The birds not only need the water supply to quench their thirst, but also to cool and care for their plumage. The trade offers bird baths in all conceivable variations, but even a flowerpot coaster or a discarded casserole dish do the job.

Birdbath: The right location

Bird bath surrounded by catnip

Bird bath surrounded by catnip

But not only the look is crucial, it also depends on the right location. Place the potions in a well-visible place in the garden so that the birds notice creeping enemies like cats early enough. Ideal are a flat bed of flowers, a lawn or an elevated space, for example on a pole or stump. To avoid spread of disease, you should keep the vessel clean and replace the water daily if possible. Finally, the effort is also worthwhile for the garden owner: In the hot summer, the birds quench their thirst on the water bowl and less on the ripe currants and cherries.

Build birdbath yourself

For our birdbath to hang you need the following materials:
- fine building sand
- three wine corks
- A sack of concrete mix from the hardware store
- red oxide pigment for coloring (optional)
- Two meters hemp or plastic rope with about 15 millimeters in diameter
- Meat hook
- Bucket and water to mix the concrete
- trowel or steel spatula
- Plastic tarpaulin

How to do it

Birdbath building instructions

Wet sand makes it easy to make molds. The surface of concrete objects from these forms is rough and uneven, giving them a weathered touch

1. Cover your work surface with a plastic tarpaulin. On wet sand is then formed a hill with a flat edge about ten centimeters wide. The shape should look like a hat with a brim.
2. Insert the three corks at the same distance from each other into the flat edge. They make the holes for pulling through the rope.
3. Now pour several kilos of concrete mixture into a bucket and gradually add water. Now stir well until a viscous mass is formed which is neither too crumbly nor too liquid. If you like, you can add a tablespoon of red pigment.
4. Put on rubber gloves and cover the sand hill with a layer of concrete two centimeters thick. Tap them lightly with your hands to remove air holes and smooth the surface. Finally, round the edges evenly with a trowel or spatula.

Birdbath for hanging

A hanging bird bath made of red colored concrete by Solveig Fridriksdottir

5. Cover the bird bath with a plastic wrap and allow to cure for two days. Then turn over and brush off the sand or rinse off. Carefully pull out the corks.
6. Cut the rope into three pieces of the same length and knot or splice three loops of the same size at one end. Pull the other end of the rope through the holes in the concrete shell and make a thick knot on the underside. Make sure that all three pieces of rope are about the same length at the end.
7. Hang the birdbath with the three loops on the butcher hook and place the other end over a strong branch that is as horizontal as possible. Finally, fill with water - already the undisturbed bathing pleasure can begin.

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Video Board: Moulding / Casting Concrete Bird Bath with Rhubarb Leaves.

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