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There are easy-care and less easy-care plants in a garden. Without care, there is hardly a single plant.
Most plant life begins in the garden with sowing or planting. The soil must be prepared for choosing the right location. The planting distance must be observed, so that there is enough space to grow. In order for the plant to thrive, it must be watered and fertilized. Many mistakes are made, there are many things to consider. The weed is plucking. Bloom is to be removed, certain plants are pruned.
What do you have to pay attention to when harvesting? Which plants are compatible in a bed? How can you improve the soil quality? What is suitable as water for drinking? How are flower baskets and flower boxes planted? Which plants are suitable and what should be considered? Which buckets are cheap or rather unfavorable? How can you stimulate a re-flowering? How and how do you recognize plant pests and what can be done about it?
Of course it is also important to know which plant species exist. In this category you will learn important details about plants, especially about native ones. These are usually very easy to care for. They are used to the climate and get along well with the soil. For exotics you usually have much more to do.
If you order plants in a plant shipment or privately, you have no influence on how these are packaged. One can only hope that everything arrives safe and sound. However, if you find yourself in the embarrassment of having to send plants or seeds, there are some important things to keep in mind. You'll find more about it here.

Fertilize orchids - when, how and with what? The best 10 fertilizers

Orchids are the ideal eye-catcher for the windowsill, the balcony and in the garden. Due to the unique diversity of the plant family, many gardeners are wondering how orchid fertilizing works to provide the flowers with the proper nutrients.

Cut lilac - so you rejuvenate old lilac trees

Lilacs do not necessarily have to be cut for a long time. In fact, especially the wild-proliferating specimens are particularly floriferous and grow lush. However, as they grow older, the plants will be outgrown and become bald. However, with the right rejuvenation cut, the bloom joy can be restored.

Make planters summery

Plant boxes are basically nothing more than flowerbeds in miniature. The difference to flowerbeds is mainly that you can transport a planter, at your own request, anywhere and put up, or can hang.

Plant the flowerpot

A flower trough is versatile. The variety of designs alone provides a good basis for letting the imagination play with the plants. A flower trough is suitable for the balcony or the terrace, looks good in the front yard, can serve as a frame and much more.

Plant flower boxes, plant flower box

Finally spring is here! The trees are slowly turning green and the meadows are becoming ever more colorful. And with the arrival of spring, and the increasing absence of night frosts, people are working hard again in the gardens.

Hanging basket - a flower greeting throughout the year

Everyone designs their garden the way they like it. And everyone will be creative on their balcony or terrace as well. Surrounding yourself with flowers and other plants is also a nice and relaxing thing.

Irrigation of flower boxes

Flowers in flower boxes often have to be watered daily because they lack the direct supply from the soil or the available soil is very limited and thus the water evaporates quickly and is absorbed by the plants in no time.

Plants with white mold on leaves - that helps

White mold on leaves occurs both in the garden and in houseplants. Mold growth can have various causes and triggers. This white deposit often forms when it has been raining for a long time or when houseplants have been given too much irrigation water. With the right approach, further expansion can be sustainably prevented.

Removing / milling the tree stump - costs + prices of the rotary tiller

An unwanted stump can be removed in many ways, where the milling out using a stump cutter for this is usually the best option. How to handle this device and what to pay attention to with this method, you will find out here!

Kumquat loses leaves / flowers - which helps the kumquat tree

There are several reasons why a kumquat tree loses its leaves and flowers.In winter, a loss of leaves is rarely a cause for concern, in the summer, however, appropriate countermeasures should be taken, otherwise the tree is fast bald. In this context, especially the temperature, the light and the casting units are to be checked.

Building rhizome barrier for bamboo & co yourself - alternatives

Plants with rhizomes, ie roots that spread underground, from which new plants grow elsewhere, can quickly spread throughout the garden bed and to the neighbors. To prevent this from happening, rhizome barriers around the plant, for example the popular bamboo, should be used, which the hobby gardener can also build himself.

Repotting house plants - instructions for popular green plants

If you like a lot of plants in the apartment, you usually have a lot of beautiful, especially big green plants in the corners. In addition to the regular watering and fertilising, the care, which should be done at least every three to four years, is part of the care here. So the repotting of the plant not only helps to provide more space but also to fresh soil with new nutrients.

Feeding up dried plants - this is how you save dried-up specimens

Many plant lovers are familiar with the problem, for example, when they come home from summer vacations or when the summer was very hot and some plants in pots or beds have dried or withered. Now it's time to act quickly to save and rebuild the withered specimens. It is always worth a try, especially if the roots still carry life.

Hydrangea loses leaves / discards flowers - you can do that

Hydrangeas delight us with their dense growth and showy flowers. It is all the more annoying when it throws leaves and flowers and begins to verkahlen. However, with the right knowledge, the hydrangea can often be rescued without problems and stimulated to lush growth again.

Planting flower bowls individually - ideas for summer / autumn

In summer and autumn flower bowls are booming in the garden, on balcony and terrace. Thanks to a diverse variety of shapes, sizes and materials they challenge the gardener's creativity. Read here what to look for in the quality of plant trays. Browse through a colorful array of ideas for individual planting.

Plant box hardy - these plants are suitable

An empty, dreary balcony in winter does not have to be. Mother Nature has a variety of frost-resistant balcony plants that stand out in the cold season with a decorative robe and pretty splashes of color. This selection presents suitable plants to plant a planter hardy.

Campion, Nectar, Leimkraut - Nursing Guide

Leimkräuter, carnations, carnations - superficially unspectacular plants that many hobby gardeners have not dealt with. However, if you look a little closer, highly interesting plants that still manage with the probably shortest care instructions in the world.

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