Handicraft instructions: Customize floor mats

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You are a natural-colored doormat too boring? So you can easily redesign it with a little bit of textile paint and smart designs.

You need this:
- monochrome doormat made of light natural fiber (coconut or sisal)
- textile colors
- bristle brush
- old towel
- Iron
- possibly chalk
- For stencils possibly compass, thin cardboard, adhesive foil, cutter
Tip: For painting floor mats and carpets there are also special colors (eg Carpet Color), which become heat and frost resistant when blown.

Paint motif with textile or carpet color

First, shake out the new doormat thoroughly to remove the loose coconut fibers. Then the desired motif (in our case a flower) is painted and painted with a brush and white paint.


Finished doormat

If you are not used to freehand painting, you should either mark the flower thinly with chalk or make a stencil of adhesive film or thin cardboard: Simply draw a circle with a circle and a small circle on the cardboard or adhesive film. The large circle marks the outer edge of the flower, the small the flower inside. Both circles are cut out with the cutter and the templates are then placed on the doormat or glued so that a wide ring is formed, in which you can paint the petals freehand. The exact distance between the individual petals is not important - on the contrary: the flower looks more natural, if the distances and the widths of the individual petals vary slightly.
Now remove the inner and outer template and correct the contours of the petals if necessary. Then paint the inside of the flower with yellow paint. Repaint the entire motif two or three more times so that the color penetrates as deeply as possible into the mat.
Finally, the yellow and white stripes are applied with a little less color. Measure the doormat beforehand and divide the width by the number of strips you want, so you know how wide each strip must be. It is best to use a straight edge of cardboard as a template so that the dividing lines between the strips become as straight as possible.

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