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A paper relief gives postcards and many other things a personal touch. You can make the decorative paper pictures yourself with little effort.

paper relief

Paper reliefs can decorate postcards or gift boxes

For about forty medium-sized paper reliefs you will need the following materials and tools: Springerle Models, one sheet each of cotton and cellulose paper, a kitchen brush, neutral cooking oil, a tea strainer, sponge and dishcloths.
Preparation: First, the two sheets of paper are torn into the finest possible pieces and soaked in water for two to three hours. Then place a handful of paper pieces (also a ratio of one-third cotton paper to two-thirds cellulose paper works) in a kitchen blender, fill the mixture with one liter of water and mix for five minutes at the highest level until a fine pulp pulp originated.
How to proceed, read the following step-by-step instructions.

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