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Cup with raspberries

An appropriate framework is especially recommended for summer raspberries. These raspberry rods can grow between 200 and 220 cm in height and are extremely pliable, so that they are down to the ground due to the weight of the fruit. In contrast, the branches of autumn raspberries are not so high and do not necessarily need a scaffold. The individual ripples of summer raspberries can be shaped with a suitable scaffold or a trellis in such a way that always enough light reaches the fruits and the air in between can circulate well. In addition, a scaffold allows the separation of one- and two-year-old rods, which facilitates the annual cut.
Special feature Two-timer raspberry
The so-called two-timer-raspberry is a robust, well-branched and strong new breed with large, firm and sweet fruits, which can be harvested twice. From the end of May / beginning of June, the two-year old and in summer the new rods are harvested. Another advantage of this breed is its columnar growth, making it suitable for planting in the bucket. In the two-timer raspberry you cut off only the two-year-old rods, and preferably in the spring. In order to prevent too many rods forming, spare shoots should be regularly removed in addition to the normal pruning. Incidentally, a so-called knot grid is very well suited for this raspberry variety.
Raspberries are among the most popular berries in the home garden. Which variety you ultimately choose depends on your personal taste and, if necessary, your care needs. However, this is limited, with the regular cut is the most important care measure, because only this is a regular and lush harvest possible. When and how to cut back depends on whether it is summer or fall varieties. Otherwise, it always makes sense to grow both summer and autumn raspberries. So it can be harvested from early summer to autumn, without weakening the autumn varieties by a second harvest.

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