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watering plants

Drip irrigation yourself - for garden and balcony

Irrigation is the only gardening and the only work on the balcony that can hardly be delayed in time, no matter how much you have to do.

Irrigation - garden and drip irrigation: garden

Build irrigation system for container plants yourself

The optimal supply of water is difficult to achieve in potted plants. If you want to get an ideal irrigation by hand, you would always have to check the soil. That is an impossibility.

Irrigation - garden and drip irrigation: water

Holiday Irrigation - Irrigate plants with wool thread

Not everyone has a person who takes care of the plants during a vacation, and not everyone likes to give their neighbor's key to their homes.

Irrigation - garden and drip irrigation: drip

Furrow Irrigation: Definition - Advantages and Disadvantages

Correctly dosed irrigation is one of the top topics in private and commercial plant cultivation. To promote growth and compensate for lack of rainfall, furrow irrigation is a global process. Familiarize yourself with an apt definition and the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional irrigation system.

Benefits of a concrete rainwater cistern - prices

In Germany, families collecting rainwater in a rainwater cistern are exempted from wastewater charges. Thus, more and more homeowners decide to catch the rainwater and make it usable for a variety of areas in and around the house.

Build salad tree yourself - a guide

Self-sufficiency is a ubiquitous keyword at a time when many consumers are insecure about the possible pollution of fruit and vegetables from the trade.

Rainwater Cistern - Costs and Prices

Once you have a closer look at his water bill and also a garden that wants to be watered all the time, you are often looking for cheaper alternatives to meet the required water needs.

Set up rainwater infiltration in the garden

There are different ways in which rainwater infiltration in the garden can be arranged. This should be done in a very targeted manner, because not all places and paths have been designed to create water permeable.

Rainwater barrel as a design element in the garden - useful and beautiful

The rainwater barrel is one of the most important elements that is a must have in a garden. Flowers, plants, shrubs and Co. must be supplied with sufficient water, especially in the dry season, so that they are not affected in their growth.

Rainwater tank - install above ground or underground?

There are many advantages to installing a rainwater tank. On the one hand, the water consumption of tap water can be significantly minimized and on the other hand, nature can be supported because it is less polluted with wastewater.

Rainwater tank - plastic or concrete? - Costs and prices

If the decision has been made to cover some of the water needs in the household with rainwater in the future, then it is necessary to decide on a suitable rainwater tank.

Ideas for automatic planter irrigation

Flowers want to be watered, and the most beautiful flowers, which you can plant in a flower box, usually want to be poured very often. Geraniums, Azaleas and Oleander want z. For example, daily water, but at high heat you have to water all the plants every day.

Irrigation with glass balls

Anyone who has many plants at home knows how much care can be taken. You have to lovingly take care of the plants and flowers and, above all, water them regularly so that they can grow and thrive.

Commercial irrigation: Carousel irrigation - Advantages & Disadvantages

When a gardener mentally discusses irrigation in the garden, he always notices that irrigation is a task that requires a lot of thought and time.

Balcony box with water reservoir

If you do not have the famous green thumb and always forget to provide your plants with the water you need, you should take a closer look at a balcony box with water reservoir.

Build automatic irrigation yourself

Building an automatic irrigation system yourself is not as difficult as you might expect at first. However, the question is crucial for which area you would like to build an automatic irrigation system yourself. The next question is whether you want to use rainwater for irrigation or connect the irrigation system to the conventional water supply.

Video Board: Installing a Drip Irrigation System for Raised Beds.

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