Irrigation of flower boxes

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Flowers in flower boxes often have to be watered daily because they lack the direct supply from the soil or the available soil is very limited and thus the water evaporates quickly and is absorbed by the plants in no time.
Especially in the summer and when you go on vacation, it is usually not easy to ensure the irrigation of the flower boxes regularly. And the neighborhood will not be thrilled, they ask to supply the flowers daily with water.
In order to bring the glass fiber wicks into the ground, holes are made in the flower boxes at regular intervals, through which the wicks are then inserted into the ground. The wicks themselves are connected with a water pipe, such as a thin hose, so that no water can escape.
This hose is then connected to a suitable container in which the water is located. So the flower boxes are permanently supplied with water. The supply is called capillary supply, derived from the fine water pipes, the capillaries.
already finished flower boxes with water storage. These flower boxes differ from the traditional flower boxes in that they have a double bottom. Below this is the water supply. In order to make a filling, it is not necessary to lift each time the plants together with soil - that would also be poor or not feasible - but the water is poured through a so-called filler neck.
In the intermediate floor are wells at regular intervals, which are also filled with soil. On the sides of these recesses, the finest tubes are drained into the water tank, so that the supply of water is constantly ensured. Since this system is already fully available on the market, it is ready for use in a short time, while for the former variant even the required materials have to be procured, processed and put together. The principle is exactly the same.
Very advantageous in these irrigation systems is the delivery of the exact amount of water required to the plants. Too much or too little water is thus avoided.

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