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Build irrigation system for container plants yourself: build

Most of them go on vacation during the summer months and leave the watering to their neighbors or family members. These often come only for a short time and provide only the flowers with water, on more details, how to do it yourself, they hardly pay attention. With an irrigation system for potted plants you are on the safe side with the water supply. In addition to the commercially available systems, you can also build one yourself.
There are countless variants of irrigation systems. The best thing about self-built is that you do not have to invest a lot of money and time and still have a well-functioning system.

Build an effective irrigation system yourself

One type of home-made irrigation system for the container plants is the following: As a material you need two plant pots and two planters and a garden or plastic hose. As tools you put a jig saw or - if not available - a carpet knife and a drill.
In the first step, the outlines of the plant pots are drawn into the one bucket and cut out with the jigsaw, alternatively the carpet knife. Since the cutouts are usually smaller than the plant pots, so slipping them is prevented.
To avoid waterlogging in the bucket you now drilled several holes in the edge of the same, then the hole for the irrigation hose is drilled at the edge of the bucket bottom. In the second bucket you drill holes in the side wall and in the height of the plant pots, which then come into the irrigation system.
They protect the roots of the plants from dangerous waterlogging. Now the irrigation system is already finished and can be put into operation.
For this purpose, the plant pots are placed in the inner bucket, the hose is attached and the inner bucket is placed in the outer bucket. Now the inner bucket is filled with potting soil, the outer gets water. The irrigation hose must reach into the water. Done is the irrigation system for potted plants!

Further ways to an irrigation system

There are a variety of other possibilities. A very easy way of watering the potted plants is this example. Take a bucket, one or more hoses, drill holes in the bucket sufficiently large so that the hoses can be put in there, hang the bucket elevated and lead the hoses into terracotta balls or the like that stick with the tip in the plant pot.
This system is simple but successful. As a reservoir for the water are also canisters that you can open and turn even when needed.
The simplest way to build an irrigation system for potted plants yourself are empty plastic water bottles. These are filled with water and turned over and stuck without closure in the ground. The stability of the bottles should definitely be checked with this system. Tipping over a full bottle, this is not so pleasant and also falls in the case of irrigation literally in the water.

The trick with the wool threads

- a simple irrigation system made by grandmother -
Our grandparents also knew irrigation systems for their potted plants, which were used in a temporary absence or permanently. You need one or more pails of water - this depends on the quantity and size of the plants to be supplied - and wool.
The bucket with the water is raised and the wool threads are hung. The other ends are put in the respective bucket. Simple but effective!

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