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Anyone who has many plants at home knows how much care can be taken. You have to lovingly take care of the plants and flowers and, above all, water them regularly so that they can grow and thrive.
If you would like to go on vacation then you have to take care of a "flower sitter", so that the plants do not hang their heads when you come back home.
This possibility is not always given, because one would rather not know the neighbor during his own absence in his apartment. Even friends and relatives do not always have the time or the desire to take care of the plants left behind.
Thanks to the possibility of irrigation with glass balls, you no longer have to bother anyone with this request today.
How irrigation works with glass balls
These glass balls are also known as "watering balls" and are able to keep the plants moist for up to two weeks, without having to worry about the flowers. For this purpose, the glass ball is simply filled with water and placed with the long rod near the roots, deep into the ground.
The bar is open at the bottom, clogged with soil, so that the water can not leak. Nevertheless, the earth absorbs the water from the irrigation ball like a sponge, so that a constant degree of humidity can always be maintained. So all plants in the apartment can easily survive a two-week holiday without having to do something.
This irrigation is ideal with glass balls but not only when you go on vacation. Many people have everything but the familiar "green thumb". They simply do not want to care for plants and flowers, which is usually due to a wrong irrigation behavior. There is either too much or too little watering, which many plants resent and go to their owners.
By irrigating with glass balls, this can not happen, because they always take through the glass ball just as much water as the plant needs to survive. Thus, the irrigation with glass balls for the apartment, the office and for potted plants on the balcony or the terrace is perfect.
Buy recommendations for irrigation with glass balls
You can buy watering balls today in just about every hardware store. The Internet is also perfect as a source of shopping. Here one can find suitable providers very quickly via one of the well-known search engines.
But before you strike at a particular supplier, you should always compare the prices of glass balls for irrigation of plants together. The prices are very different, which is also due to the fact that there are different sizes and the glass balls are partially mouth-blown and hand-worked.
As is well known, you always pay a little more money for real manual labor, but you also have a unique piece of work, which no other person in the world can call his own. In addition to simple glass balls, there are also those that have been painstakingly painted by hand and thus ensure in the flowerpot for a real eye-catcher. Even glass beads that are colored throughout with a color are available.
For very simple glass balls from a mass production, you pay around five to ten euros each. The filling quantities are in this price category on average 350 ml. For a mouth-blown single piece you have to factor in about double to triple.
Nevertheless, the price pays off in any case, because considering how much money you would spend on new plants, if they do not survive the holiday, the price of irrigation with glass balls is negligible.

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