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Blooming beauty with an exotic touch: the Ismene

A particularly beautiful exotic is the Ismene. The onion flower, which is in demand both as a tub planter and as an attraction in the bed, is particularly willing to flower. Individually, but also in combination with flat garden plants, Ismene makes a nice picture. Also as a houseplant, it impresses with its unique look. The Ismene is in demand especially in white. So the variety Hymenocallis festalis Zwanenburg, whose flowers are reminiscent of orchids, is a classic. The Ismene is a strongly fragrant plant, from whose onion several flowering stalks protrude.

Care of Ismene

The Hymenocallis festalis, whose special flower form exudes a touch of exoticism, prefers sunny to partially shaded places. Even as a cut flower Ismene is in demand. Nutrient-rich, good soil is particularly suitable to give the Hymenocallis festalis optimal conditions. In order to achieve an adequate supply with all nutrients, a regular fertilizer administration is recommended. The Ismene is suitable for pruning and reaches a height of about 45 cm. The onions are placed about 8 to 10 cm in the ground. Many plant lovers, who want to put the Ismene in the bed, dig the onion together with the pot. Since voles in particular find favor with the pretty plant, protection is recommended. Best season for the onion is from March to May. However, many gardening enthusiasts deliberately decide to plant the bulbs on the bed as late as possible, mid-May, due to weather conditions. The flowering of Ismene begins approximately from June to August. The pretty, fragrant plant multiplies by forming daughter onions.

The Ismene overwinter

The Ismene is not hardy. It is therefore advisable to dig the onion out of the ground in winter to overwinter it in the house or cellar. In mild areas, Ismene can sometimes be overwintered outside with sufficient coverage. But if you want to be on the safe side, dig up the onion better. It is important that the onions are stored dry in winter.

Onions can usually be bought in a triple pack for around 4.00 to 7.00 euros.

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