Make itchy powder yourself - with and without rosehip

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Make itchy powder yourself - with and without rosehip: rosehip

Since you know how to make itchy powder yourself, you can repeat the joke until it gets boring.
Juckpowder NEVER gets into the eyes !!!
Juckpowder is a joke article and it should be clarified in advance, whether it is the "victim" is someone who suffers from respiratory diseases or atopic dermatitis, hepatitis or a metabolic disorder, because the itching powder can cause allergic skin reactions or respiratory distress in the worst case.

Make itching powder with rosehips

The production of itching powder with the aid of rosehips is probably the most common method in this joke article:
You only need three utensils for it:
Ripe rose hips, which are best picked in late summer, a teaspoon and a sharp knife. The small orange fruits on the wild roses or dog roses, as they are called, contain many tiny nuts in their interior, their barbs have barbs and itchy skin contact. The nuts are easiest to remove from the fruit with a teaspoon and then isolate. Done is the preparation for the agony. By the way, the rosehip powder is used in the medical field in osteoarthritis therapy.

Juckpulverherstellung without rosehip

You can also make itch sugar without rose hips yourself. There are multiple possibilities:
  • Itching powder from pepper
  • Itching powder from the East Indian Juckbohne
  • Ordering jelly powder as a joke article online, for the most part also consists of the hair of the Juckbohne
  • Combine itching powder from flour with dry soil
  • Iuck powder from dried egg whites of the whelk
  • Itching powder from biscuits, which can be very unpleasant as crumbs, especially in bed
  • Itching powder from sawdust
And last but not least, there used to be itching powder made of ground glass wool. Since this experiment is proven to be harmful to health, one should refrain from it.

Make itching powder from pepper

The itching powder from pepper is easy to make yourself; You need black or white peppercorns that are ground and dried and a mortar and pestle.
Put a small amount of peppercorn into the mortar and chop it with the pestle so that the consistency remains coarse. This powder can then be spread like the rose hips in the neck of his victim. Both substances, as well as the remaining itching powder, always needs contact with the skin in order to be effective.


Of course, if the itching powder works and the poor "victim" is scratching himself to death, there are of course some antidotes that provide more or less relief:
There is the possibility to take a cold shower or cream with a body lotion. Talc and menthol, but also eucalyptus and camphor sometimes do their services quite well in combating the itching.
By contrast, the possible sites for the itching powder, with and without rose hips are extremely diverse and treacherous. As any achievable clothing is mentioned, under close partners is sometimes even the bed chosen or directly from the back of the neck, so that the powder can trickle down the body. In the toilet at all times has been for foreign "victims" a very popular place and it is still today.
So, as a student, you can finally use the boring family outing to take a look around in nature and gather the eye-catching fruits of the rose hips, which stick to the bushes until winter to share them with good friends.

Iuck powder from rosehip

The rosehip is a collective fruit that contains a large number of small nutlets inside. The fruit is collected today, because there are many recipes.
For example, jam, mus, liqueur, fruit wine and tea can be made from the rosehip. In many fruit mixtures, which are offered in the trade you will find the rosehip as an ingredient.

Not just a healthy plant

The various parts of the rosehip are also used in medicine, it is considered a popular medicinal plant. The rosehip powder is said to have a healing effect on osteoarthritis, for example.
But even children know the rosehip and know about their effectiveness. After all, who did not make juckpowder from the red fruits earlier than a child and put other people in the sweater? - The production of Juckpulvers is just as easy.

Prepare itching sugar from rose hips

Only three simple ingredients are needed for the sneaky drug:
  • ripe rosehips, which can be collected in the fall
  • a teaspoon
  • a sharp knife
With the knife, the rosehip is carefully cut open and then the small nutlets are brought out with the spoon. The small nutlets are covered with a variety of barbed and fine hairs. It is they that cause the itching when they come into contact with human skin.
If you take a few of these nuts and put them in the neck of the victim, they inevitably trickle down your back slowly. The fine hairs spread over the skin and cause itching. But beware: The touch can also cause pain or allergies. Not everyone can tolerate rosehips!

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