Increase ivy - How it works by lowering and fresh shoots

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You have ivy in the garden and want to cover as much as possible? Then multiply the plant. This works best by lowering and fresh shoots.

Ivy can be multiplied by young shoots

Ivy belongs to the extremely frugal plants that bring a green touch to the garden, the balcony or even the apartment all year round. In addition, the plant is very easy to care for and also makes it in terms of reproduction before an insurmountable hurdle. There are two easy ways you can multiply the climber. Namely by lowering and instincts.

One thing in advance:
Common ivy has a serious drawback: it quickly triggers allergic reactions and causes skin rashes. Therefore, only increase ivy if you wear gloves.

This makes it possible to multiply ivy well

Option 1 - multiply ivy with shoots:

The vine can be easily multiplied by shoots. You do not even need many tools to get to the shoots and you do not need to worry about a suitable growing place. Suffice it to pick up a pair of scissors, a water container and the old ivy plant:

❶ Look for fresh shoots on the plant that still do not have any sticky roots. Then cut off individual shoots. It is recommended a length of ten centimeters per shoot.

❷ Remove the leaves that are at the end of the shoot. It is important that the shoot retains at least two leaves.

❸ Place the shoots in a water-filled container and wait until they form roots.

The water in the vessel quickly becomes cloudy or tilts. Just put a piece of charcoal from your last barbecue into the water and it will stay fresh.

❹ Once sufficient roots have formed, you can put the ivy directly in the garden or raise it in the flower pot. A good time for planting is when the roots are about two inches long.

Possibility 2 - multiply ivy with sinkers:

If you do not want to look for shoots to grow the ivy, you will need a larger plant. Do you have one, then proceed like this:

❶ Select a sufficiently long tendril of ivy and carefully cut in the lower limb.

❷ Now place it on the ground and fix it. Alternatively, you can put the tendril in a pot with soil and fix it there. Then cover the shoot with soil and keep it permanently moist.

❸ Once the shoot has formed its own roots, cut it off the parent plant and plant it in the location of your choice.

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