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The jasmine, which introduces the letter "J" of the glossary, stands for a characteristic of many flowering plants, which brings us the most important of all garden experiences: the fragrance that really makes a garden the perfect garden!
The aromatic plants in the garden not only look beautiful, they also affect our well-being. If you create a fragrance garden in front of the house, you can indulge yourself at any time an aromatherapy, depending on which aromatic plant is currently blooming, with a more stimulating or rather calming effect (the walk through the fragrance garden definitely has a relaxing effect).
The real jasmine not only exudes a beguiling fragrance during flowering (which takes a very long time, namely from June to September). He can do even more: with a little help, he climbs to where you want him, and when you collect his flowers, you can make delicious jasmine tea from them. In order to please you for as long as possible with its pretty star-shaped white flowers, the jasmine needs a lot of light, even a high humidity will make it more enjoyable, you should only protect it against drafts.
In the glossary you will find entries to many other aromatic plants for the garden: The lavender will leave your holiday memories and then cares for your laundry, lilac and lily of the valley in the spring awaken the senses, and old, fragrant rose varieties invite the whole summer for a taster walk through the Garden. You will also find entries to fragrant indoor plants, where you can use the colors and fragrances even more targeted: angel trumpets and eucalyptus, gardenias and camellias, royal lilies and orchids, passion flowers and pelargonium and citrus, just to name a few. Is a fragrant plant or an entry missing for the keyword fragrance? Write us an eMail!

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