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Anyone interested in Japanese flowers will face an infinite variety of different beautiful varieties. Both in the individual flowers and flowering hedges you can not only decide between different varieties but also between different flower colors.
Probably the most beautiful varieties include the Japanese toad lily. This plant, which is also known under the name Tiger Star, captivates above all by its eye-catching, spotty coloring. The toad lily can grow up to 1m and carries at the same time per plant at the same time three white blooms, which have different lilabarbene color swabs and look like a star. In addition to the toad lily, the lily is generally a flower more associated with Japan than any other.
Among the plants that offer the most beautiful varieties of Japanese flowers, the azalea belongs. In addition to the lilies, there is hardly a plant that offers a greater variety of colors and shapes than this plant. Above all, the wonderfully light flowers in the many pastel shades have ensured that the azalea is now represented in more and more front gardens or on terraces than a few years ago.
A very common representative of the beautiful varieties of Japanese flowers, which are very often found in the gardens, is the carnation cherry. Every spring, she dips countless gardens with her lush pink blossoms into a true color rush. Although native to Japan, this tree is hardy and can be kept for years. The plant we know by the name of Japanese cherry is also perfect for carrying the first messengers of spring into the home
But also the chrysanthemum, which is very well known to us, is a typical Japanese flower. This plant is strongly represented in the culture of Japan and can be easily planted in our latitudes. The chrysanthemum can be found in many shapes and colors, notably the unusual species are remarkable. So one can find spider-shaped plants as well as flowers with very large, filled calyx in bright colors. Since the chrysanthemum flowers mainly in the fall, you can meet the gray autumn days with a little color.
If you want to plant a garden with Japanese flowers and plants, you will also be able to find beautiful varieties of shrubs. These include the many different varieties of bonsai, which are traditionally among the Japanese flowers and can be placed on a patio or in a pot in a garden. From Japanese azalea to a small edition of Bougainvillea or a Firethorn, you can use these beautiful varieties to add a true Japanese touch to your home garden. Most varieties are hardy and the care of a bonsai is not difficult with a little practice, as in the care of other flowers and perennials in the garden.

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