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Garden design in the Japanese style. An authentic Japanese garden is something very special. Often found in modern architecture, more and more gardening enthusiasts also like this particular form of the garden. Japanese Garden - for us still quite strange and yet so attractive and interesting.

In the Japanese Garden bonsai trees among other things find a good place. As in an ordinary garden, in the Japanese garden may not lack the decoration.
Matching decoration can be found in bonsai garden centers, but often also in the hardware store or in the garden center. Bizarrely growing trees form a good structure for the Japanese Garden. A small stream or a small fountain are almost a must. Japanese-style gardens have a special appeal. They are different from the gardens we pass by every day. It's a wonderful change. Get a piece of Eastern culture into the garden with a Japanese Garden.
A Japanese garden in the middle of a European city does not seem to be realized at first sight. But the cultural difference between the Far East and the West is by no means an irreconcilable contradiction.
In a Japanese garden, each design element embodies either an idea, something a long life, or a piece of nature, such as a mountain. Often it also has several, different meaning contents simultaneously. This view differs from European purposeful thinking, which divides every facility into areas such as the kitchen garden, the ornamental bed, the playground or the seating area.
Due to the limited area in densely populated Japan miniature replicas play a central role in the local garden art. Formal aspects and traditions run like a red thread through all the far eastern green spaces, the local garden culture has developed a visual language.
Japanese gardens are usually designed to be admired from the house in all their beauty. As further vantage points are found within the area often small pavilions, miniature bridges and stone platforms. Get more suggestions for a Japanese garden on the following pages.

Japanese garden: trees

Room bonsai - suitable indoor bonsai species + care claims

Not every species of tree is suitable as a pure indoor bonsai. In order for you to succeed in growing and for you to enjoy the plant in the long term, you must pay attention to some important things. The selection of the right indoor bonsai species plays just as big a role as choosing the right location and optimal care.

Buy bonsai pots - which coasters are suitable?

Bonsai are popular ornamental plants for the living room and there are real bonsai fan bases that nurture and care for their pupils. Bonsai are tiny trees that are planted in small vessels and thus also remain miniature trees.

Japanese Garden - Planning

The Japanese Garden is a particularly beautiful form of garden and therefore not always the easiest to understand for us Europeans. The Japanese Garden lives from space and individual elements that complement each other in the sense of the Far Eastern culture.

Japanese Garden - Garden Design

A typical Japanese garden Today it is the destination of many garden lovers and part of modern architecture. The garden design in the sense of Japanese philosophy, in conjunction with Asian aesthetics and the elements of nature such as stone and water, is something wonderful.

Plant bonsai properly - that's how it works

Bonsai is a garden art from the Far East. Here, shrubs and trees are kept small by constant pruning that even decades old trees fit into a shell.

Bonsai - the little big one

The bonsai (called in Chinese pà © njÄ ng) is a tree or shrub artificially kept small by cutting back the branches and other cultivating measures. Practiced by us for purely aesthetic reasons, the bonsai in its country of origin China has an ideological, almost religious significance.

The Japanese rock garden

The Japanese rock garden completely renounces trees, flowers or other green plants. It is limited to idealized replicas of nature (mountains and water surfaces) only with sand, pebbles and larger rocks.

Bonsai cut, prune, cut

For the proper care of a bonsai you need, and that is well known, a lot of patience, a degree of expertise and attention to detail. When taking care of such a bonsai, many things turn out to be final.

Bonsai - Basics of care

A bonsai is known to be a very dependent plant. Such a small bonsai really needs a lot of attention and, above all, the right care.

Bonsai - diseases and pests

Probably everyone has already made the acquaintance with unpleasant pests in his garden. Also various plant diseases often make life difficult even for the most careful and attentive gardener.

Indoor Bonsai - Care and Hibernation

The bonsai itself is nothing more than a reproduction of native and tropical trees. These are then brought to the known miniature dimensions.

Maple as Bonsai - Care (Japanese Maple, Field Maple, Sycamore Maple)

There are many species of trees that are suitable as bonsai for their existence. A tree species that looks particularly beautiful as a bonsai is the maple.

Japanese flowers - beautiful varieties

Anyone interested in Japanese flowers will face an infinite variety of different beautiful varieties. Both in the individual flowers and flowering hedges you can not only decide between different varieties but also between different flower colors.

Blue maiden pine as bonsai - cutting, care

Many Japanese trees have made their way into native gardens, mostly as bonsai. The Blue Maiden Pine is represented as a bonsai not only in Japanese gardens.

Mountain pine - care & cutting as bonsai

Mountain pines often grow in the wild where conditions are poor for other trees, such as very barren and rocky mountain ranges.

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