Plant Jerusalem artichoke - How to properly grow the Earth Artichoke

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Jerusalem artichoke is not only a delicious vegetable, but also a decorative plant. However, they should pay a lot of attention so that they thrive and produce a large tuber.

Plant Jerusalem artichoke - How to grow the earth artichoke

The Erdartischocke, also known as Jerusalem artichoke, is one of the vegetables, which is ideal for inexperienced hobby gardeners. If you want to give your children their first experiences in growing vegetables, you can easily access the plant.

It is quite undemanding, grows in pots, pots and in the garden and offers fruit, so that even children can reap a direct reward of their work.

Vegetables with many benefits

As a decorative plant

Unlike radishes, carrots or potatoes, for example, you will really love the Erdartischocke. Because the vegetable plant offers so much more than delicious vegetables for the winter.

In summer, the plants shine in a bright yellow flower dress. Although the plant dies over the winter, but only to grow again in the spring. So you do not need to plant new Jerusalem artichokes every year.

Jerusalem artichokes as privacy screens

As the perennials are quite high, Jerusalem artichoke is also ideal as a visual screen.

To set them as privacy, it is recommended, however, to stem the roots a bit. Jerusalem artichokes develop a widely rooted root network that can well grow under the fence to your neighbor. Therefore, remove a root barrier before planting. These are available in every hardware store and garden center and also online at Amazon.

Make a plastic ring out of it and place it around the root ball of the plant at a sufficient distance.

" Tip: To set the correct distance, you can orient yourself on topinambur pulled in the bucket. The bucket should be at least 35 centimeters in size - the root barrier therefore has the same diameter.

Plant Jerusalem artichokes - That's how it's done

In the vegetable patch you should pay attention to a sunny or partially shaded location. The plant prefers loose soil, which may well be mixed with some sand. You do not have to pay attention to special circumstances. The plant is undemanding and grows on soils without sand content.

Fortunately, planting the tubers is very easy. The tubers are placed up to ten inches deep in the ground and covered with soil. Only the distance between the individual plants should not be less than forty centimeters.

At a glance, this means:

Locationsunny or partially shaded
groundloose soil, like being traversed by sand
planting timeSpring - possible all year round if no ground frost
planting distancepreferably 40 centimeters
the plantingBed or tub

You can also plant the ground artichokes in rows if your vegetable garden has enough space. Between the perennials, a distance of up to sixty centimeters is recommended. To reach the individual plants, the rows are at least forty centimeters apart.

" Tip: You do not have a garden, but you do not want to miss out on fresh vegetables in winter? Then plant Jerusalem artichoke in flower tubs and place the plant on the balcony. In the summer, the yellow flowers delight the eye, and you can also create a natural screen - to harvest delicious vegetables in autumn.

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