Multiply Jerusalem artichoke - This is how it works with tubers and seeds

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Topnambur is relatively easy to propagate in the garden. They have two options. But beware: those who do not pay attention risk unhindered spreading.

Jerusalem artichokes multiply over tubers and seeds

Earlier Jerusalem artichoke was known only as a beautiful and tall ornamental plant. Only with the years the edible tuber became known as a healthy food in our kitchens. So if you grow the plant in the garden, you not only enjoy a pretty privacy, but you can also fall back on delicious and healthy fruits.

Naturally, as a hobby gardener you can never get enough of such plants. That's why you'll like it when I say that Jerusalem artichoke is easy to multiply. You have two options

  • by seeds
  • through the tubers

Especially catchy is of course the propagation over the tubers. By harvesting you already have fresh tubers at hand, and you can also propagate them at harvest time.

Multiply Jerusalem artichoke with tubers

We recommend this possibility to you. Simplicity is simply the biggest advantage, and you do not need to worry about seeds, but you can start growing right after the harvest. If you do not have your own Jerusalem artichoke in the garden or in the tub, the propagation will of course succeed with the commercially available tubers.

" Manual:
Basically, the plant forms new plants from the tubers. The simplest way is therefore not to take all the fruits from the soil at harvest time, but to leave one tuber in the soil at a time. In the spring, a new plant sprouts out of the remaining tuber. Alternatively, you actually harvest each tuber and use your crop yield to recreate the Jerusalem artichoke elsewhere.

Planting can be done all year round. The only obstacle is ground frost, because you can not put the tubers in the hard ground.

" Danger: If you pull Jerusalem artichoke in the garden, the plant often multiplies unchecked and spreads extremely. To avoid this, you should always dig out individual tubers and make sure that you never leave more than one tuber in the soil during the harvest.

Jerusalem artichokes multiply via seeds

This multiplication variant is a small challenge. Not because the seeds only work under certain conditions, but because you have only a short time window to harvest the seeds. You can only remove the seeds from the flower.

It is simpler to resort directly to already harvested seeds, which are available to buy in the trade. Put the seeds in a pot with soil, cover them lightly and keep the soil moist. As soon as approximately 10 centimeters of seedlings form, divide the plants and place them either directly in the vegetable patch or individually in a flower box.

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