Flower lilies multiply with offshoots

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Jewelry lines multiply offshoot tips

They adorn with their tall flowers every apartment, every conservatory and every terrace. Agapanthus are beautiful and in July flowers that bloom on tall stems, often over a meter high. That's something to be proud of. If the lilies are good, then they grow and form themselves offshoot.

You can tell that when you suddenly find two plants in one and the same pot. On the one hand that is very nice, on the other hand you should then share the lilies. Because each of them can develop the power that a healthy plant needs.

Therefore, pick up the saw or the spade in spring or autumn and divide the roots. Turn one into two. Put the plants into a pot, which can be very narrow, because it makes the lily even better. Then add gravel or grit to the earth. So the spring lilies will be shooting at the sky again next spring.

Video Board: How to repot or multiply Peace Lilly Plant.

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