Jiaogulan tea - preparation and application

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Jiaogulan in the medical application can be found not only in the form of capsules in pharmacies, but also as a tea infusion in a variety of pack sizes.
However, if you decide to pull a Jiaogulan plant in your own garden, you can quickly and easily prepare a tea from it.
Preparation of Jiaogulan tea
Both fresh and dried leaves of the plant are suitable for the preparation of Jiaogulan tea. However, it is strongly recommended that you dry your own supply of Jiaogulan leaves in the air and package them in an absolutely dry state so that they are airtight. This leaves the leaves available all year round.
To prepare the tea, some leaves are sufficient, whether dried or fresh. Decisive here is the own taste. Jiaogulan tea tastes aniseed, so you can vary the intensity of this taste by more or less leaves during infusion depending on your own preference.
Unlike most other teas, Jiaogulan leaves do not need to be drawn in hot water for ten minutes. Jiaogulan is doused with boiling water and the broth is drained through a sieve after three minutes. The collected liquid is ready to drink.
If desired, you can refine the drink with sugar or sweetener, with unsweetened Jiaogulan tea is excellent edible.
Extends the time of pulling, so intensifies the Jiaogulan taste. The liquorice note is stronger, but also the sweetness of the tea is intensified.
The preparation of Jiaogulan tea is identical when using fresh or dried leaves, as well as when using ready-made loose tea mixture or tea bags.
Application of Jiaogulan tea
The good thing about Jiaogulan tea is the lack of side effects. Accordingly, there is no overdose in the field of application. In order to fully develop the effects on the cardiovascular system, blood pressure regulation and psychosomatics, one to two cups of Jiaogulan tea are recommended daily.
It is irrelevant whether it is fresh or dried leaves from home-grown or tea-ready mixtures, whether loose or as a tea bag. The amount of leaves used has no positive or negative effect on the properties of Jiaogulan tea.
However, a long-term use of the tea is recommended because a recovery occurs after a longer period of use.

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