Sprinkle currants - why?

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Sprinkle currants - why?

If Sprinkle currants, many reasons may be in question and hobby gardeners must therefore observe their shrubs well to be able to remedy.

Currants have the characteristic that they always like to trickle when the bloom fertilization is insufficient. Different varieties of currants are also dependent on the pollination by bees. It is not uncommon in spring for the bees to simply not visit the flower in bad weather and if the fruit is absent the flowers will fall off.

Frost and dryness favor trickling
Even frost or strong dryness favor during the Flors the trickle of currants. An observation of the shrubs often shows that the inflorescences within the shrub show a higher tendency to trickle than the outer inflorescences.

Here the shadow is the reason for the trickling. Currants must always be well-lighted, so that all flowers get the same amount of sunlight. The balance of nutrient supply within the plant at least prevents or minimizes trickling.

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