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The camomile is a rather inconspicuous garden plant with rather modest claims and represents, besides the letter "K" of our glossary, a whole world of plants, which enrich our gardens decisively.
Because chamomile and (Indian) pokeweed, pine and pumpkin each provide us with multiple benefits: The chamomile willingly filled as a stopgap every short-term solitary bed, the flowers can be given in an inflammation in the airways in soothing inhalation baths, dried with cabbage and seeds make an excellent tea, which can be drunk before sleeping and as a sedative.
Also the pokeweed can look more than just beautiful: the sprouts should taste like asparagus and young leaves have been prepared in American Louisiana for centuries similar to spinach, (according to special recipes to remove the toxins contained), the seeds are said to be an excellent means of Snail defense, and the berries can be used to dye wool red.
The pine trees provide us with their branches to make bed covers and winter protection for sensitive plants, from the cones the children make new animals, and the two together bring the firewood quickly to burning.
And the pumpkin first tastes like soup and then has its star appearance on Halloween... also under the other letters of the glossary you will find many entries to garden plants, which you can use in several ways.
Whereby the double benefit can be as simple as with the fruit tree, which spoils you with blossoms in spring and later with delicious apples or cherries or quinces or plums (for which you can also find processing tips in the glossary). Or as refined as the willow cuttings, which serve you only as a fence post and two years later also produced exactly the willow rods that you need for basket weaving.

Ragwort (Ligularia) - care

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Definition - cold spring plants: care, wintering

If you have purchased a plant that is referred to in the description as a cold plant, you will usually have less problems with the care of these Kalthauspflanzen. Each cold-throated plant, however, would like to receive a special kind of attention when it comes to wintering.

Mullein, Verbascum - plants and care tips

From June to the end of September, the yellow flowers of the protected mullein sparkle in many places on stony areas, pathways and railway embankments. But it has also established itself in many gardens, including colorful varieties. The two- and sometimes perennial Mullein are easy to maintain and get by self-sowing.

Cocoa plant, cocoa tree - cultivation, planting and care

To anticipate it right away, to plant a cocoa tree and hope for a rich cocoa harvest, here in Central Europe will probably remain a dream. The exotic cocoa plant is rather not for lovers of easy crops. But he can, with careful care and a suitable location, lovers of exotic plants prepare great joy.

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The catnip is a lush garden shrub that has a strong appeal to cats due to its beguiling lemon smell. The easy-care plant is suitable for the herb garden and also fits well in farmers, stone and wild gardens. The flowers last throughout the summer and are an ornament for beds, tubs and window boxes.

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