Kill mosquito larvae - effectively fight in rain barrel and pond

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Kill mosquito larvae - effectively fight in rain barrel and pond: fight

The summer could be so nice - if, yes, if the damn mosquitoes were not. You can make a stay in your own garden to hell. Many garden owners are often unaware that they are using the annoying tormentors to some extent themselves. Standing waters such as a pond or a rain barrel are the ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. That's why their fight must start here.

The problem

Mosquitoes need to store their eggs mandatory water. This can be a puddle as well as a garden pond. And of course, the rain barrel is in principle nothing more than a stagnant body of water. Every single female mosquito puts whole egg packets into the water. On particularly hot or sweaty days, several hundred eggs may like to come together.
It is obvious that every garden owner has a damn annoying problem when these many mosquitoes finally hatch. In order to better understand the process and thus also a possible fight, one must know that mosquito larvae first hatch out of the eggs. These stay in the water for some time, but must always come to the surface to breathe. To do this, you use the surface tension of the water and that's exactly what needs to be destroyed.


female mosquito larva

Before it comes to how to fight mosquito larvae actively, you should first deal with the subject of prevention. In concrete terms, this means that you should do everything so that mosquito females can not even lay their eggs in the water. The access must therefore be closed. This is certainly easier with a rain barrel than with a garden pond.
But even with the bin, there is a problematic place, namely the transition to the downpipe, which directs the rainwater from the gutter into the bin. For example, if you cover the barrel with a lid, there will always be an opening at this point, which the mosquitoes will find guaranteed. Instead of a lid, therefore, the use of a fine-meshed mosquito net, through which the mosquitoes can not pass. The procedure is as follows:
  • Cut the mosquito net generously so that it fits completely over the barrel opening
  • cut a suitable, narrowest possible opening for the downpipe in the network piece
  • Remove the downpipe, insert it through the provided opening and then replace it
  • now install the complete net piece on the barrel top
  • It is ideal if it is tied directly under the barrel edge with a string that leads around the barrel
  • Do not use adhesive tape, as the adhesive effect can be reduced in sunlight and moisture
  • Particularly seal the transition to the downpipe with additional net strips
Alternatively, one could of course cut from an opening an opening for the downpipe and then seal it. The advantage of the mosquito net, however, is that the water level in the bin can be controlled without having to remove it. In principle, by the way, a garden pond with such a network can be covered - at least temporarily on particularly humid days.
Tip: A clever alternative to using a ton as a water tank is a used intermediate bulk container (IBC). Not only does it offer greater capacity and convenience in handling, but as a closed unit it is also absolutely mosquito-proof.

Kill mosquito larvae

If all prevention has done nothing or you have just missed the right time, only helps to kill the larvae to avert a mosquito pest yet. At the latest, when the water surface teeming with small animals, it is time to act. However, one should not resort to insecticides. Although they reliably kill the larvae, they can also contaminate the water.
As irrigation water, it is then only very conditionally. It is better to take advantage of the fact that the larvae need air and come to the air snap to the water surface. If one destroys the surface tension of the water, the larvae inevitably drown, because they no longer have the possibility to hold on the surface. With the following means, the surface tension in a stagnant water can be destroyed relatively easily:
  • vegetable oil
  • biodegradable detergent
  • Egg-based preparations from the trade
The cheapest are of course the two home remedies vegetable oil and detergent. Of both, usually two, three tablespoons per ton. The oil inevitably leads to the immediate suffocation of the mosquito larvae. But as it floats on the water surface, it can become rancid in strong sunlight.This not only leads to a visual impairment, but also stinks under enormous circumstances.

Mosquito larvae with tadpole

An odor nuisance is excluded with a detergent on the other hand. However, it can cause a slight foaming. It is important when using a detergent that it is really 100 percent biodegradable. Only then is it reliably ensured that the water can still be used to water plants.

Protein preparations for the garden pond

The home remedies described above are ideal for killing mosquito larvae in a rain barrel. They are not suitable for use in a garden pond. The reason for this is simply the larger water surface, which could lead not only to more rancid oil, but also to the dishwashing agent to an enormous foaming. It is therefore best to kill the larvae in the pond with special funds from the garden trade.
These preparations are all based on natural proteins (proteins), which do not tolerate the mosquito larvae. For humans, fish, other insects and various organisms occurring in the pond, however, they are completely harmless. They can therefore also be used without hesitation. When using, however, it is important to follow the dosage instructions.

Empty the rain barrel completely

In order to get a grip on the problems with the mosquito larvae in stagnant water in the garden, they should be checked regularly. It is best to take a look at the water every day and react immediately as soon as it hits the surface. Incidentally, from hatching to flyable insects, the larvae need about three weeks. So if there is a lot of activity in the rain barrel or on the pond, you should definitely act within this period.
There is still a very simple solution to kill the larvae in the bin: You just empty them completely.
The mosquito larvae need the water to survive and develop. If this is missing, they inevitably die. However, it goes without saying that this measure can only be an emergency solution. On the one hand, you waste valuable water. On the other hand, of course, no permanent larval control is possible.
The next mosquitoes will come for sure. Prevention therefore urgently needs. Or you can resort to the described home remedies. In any case, you should do everything to prevent the summer in the garden messing up by a mosquito plague.

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