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A beautiful kitchen garden as a separate area in the garden for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables belongs in every home garden. Something fresh from the garden, without dyes and fertilizers. Healthy and tasty! How to create a garden, care and further information can be found here.

In the kitchen you can grow almost everything for daily use. The right bed preparation is very important. If you have a kitchen garden, you know that your own tomatoes or lettuce taste best when you have grown them yourself.
The breeding can start in the house or in the cold frame. Almost all types of vegetables can be grown from the beginning. The garden should be fertilized only with natural fertilizers. It can not be done without it.
Compost is ideal as well as other organic fertilizers. Not groundcover cranesbill or low growing dill are a good border for the garden. Snails do not like these plants at all.

Healthy fruit and vegetables from our own harvest, that is the dream of many hobby gardeners who want to make themselves independent of sprayed, polluted merchandise. However, to make this dream come true, you must protect your plants effectively against pests and diseases. You have made a first step if you select the findings of modern plant breeding and crops that are not or only slightly susceptible to disease. So today many lettuce varieties are insensitive to mildew. Shear-resistant apple varieties are also recommended, because apple scab is unsatisfactory to combat with plant extracts.

So you can use the proven technique of mixed culture already preventative in the vegetable garden in the vegetable garden, here are various vegetables on a bed. If, for example, carrots and onions are planted mixed, you benefit from the fact that a pest such as the carrot fly finds the onion odor so repulsive that it does not cause oviposition on the carrots and therefore also does not reduce yields.

In the fruit garden in the vegetable garden, the promotion of beneficial organisms should be a priority, because a good stock of beneficial organisms provides effective protection against pests. This is associated with a reduction in the risk of disease, because pest infestation often leads to the weakening of fruit trees and favors their susceptibility to infection.

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Vegetable garden: vegetable

Harvesting fruits and vegetables from your own garden is something very special. Even if the cultivation is associated with time and effort, vegetables and salad taste much better than the often heavily treated variants from the supermarket. When you grow your own, you can be sure that your harvest is really organic.

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