Klöntür - traditional front door for the Nordic half-timbered house

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Klöntür - traditional front door for the Nordic half-timbered house

Cling doors are almost legendary and popular today like never before. Especially in Northern Germany, this often has the reason that today's residents are very careful to restore their home as authentically as possible. Since the Klinentür often belongs to.
But also creative interior designers in other areas of Germany deal with all possibilities to expand the house in their own style. A Klinentür is a rediscovered rarity for many people.
The advantage of cling doors

  • The Danes have long been in the top spot in international luck ranking. Maybe the traditional Danish front door, the Klöntür, has helped as well? Because the Klinentür stands for coziness and communication: It is divided into two parts, the upper and lower half can be opened and closed independently. It was therefore thought up for clapping (snooze, talk, entertain), on the lower half of the door supports the communicative homeowner comfortably.
  • But it also stands for openness, even if the upper half is closed, a house with a clinker door gives a friendlier impression than a house with a repellent steel door.
  • And it makes everyday life a little easier, you can talk to the postman or your neighbor without having to crawl over the threshold, or give pets the opportunity to take a little trip. On the other hand, you can join your dog
    cold weather just give this opportunity for a little trip without cooling the whole corridor by letting it out through the lower half.
  • In addition, this door shape fits in with our modern way of life by providing effective ventilation without having to fully open the door.

Quality of the cling doors and adaptation to modern requirements

  • The manufacturers of the Klonteüren make them in all desired shapes and materials, also gladly as special productions. Traditionally, the Klöntür is made of wood, for example made of pine wood. Scandinavian pine wood, which is said to have a higher resistance than Central European pine, is often used here. In the Nordic countries, it is certainly not uncommon for clinging doors to last 100 years or more
    hold. You can admire many old half-timbered houses there.
  • Oak is also a wood that has traditionally been used for the production of netting doors. Today, however, there is also the possibility to make a front door in the manner of a Klinentür of metallic materials, but then it is no longer a real Klinentür. Even historic doors are now gladly refurbished and reinstalled.
  • In any case, the Klöntür can today be adapted to the requirements of modern times in terms of safety technology and insulation. This also applies to historic doors that are being repaired. A modern equipment of the door in terms of thermal insulation and burglary security fits well with the restoration of the original appearance. Cling doors can therefore be used as renovation doors or new buildings as entrance doors. They are also used as side entrance doors and patio doors, where they bring a garden feeling in the summer in the whole house, without sand or leaves or the dog with unkempt paws in the house.

Manufacturer and dealer of cling doors

  • For more information about Danish Klöntüren and about Danish windows, please contact the company Frovin in Meerbusch-Osterath and frovin.de. Windows and doors from Denmark sold the company Peter Johannsen in Quern, pj-fenster.de. Or in the south of Germany the company Vogel Bauelemente GdbR in Obertaufkirchen, vogel-bauelemente.com.
  • If you want to have a historic door repaired to today's requirements, for example, the company Historische Haustüren Schaubhut & Partner in Crailsheim - Rueddern is a contact person, historische-tueren.eu.

Tip from the editor
Cling doors can also be used as interior doors. Here they are excellently suited everywhere, where separate areas are to be created, but nevertheless communication should be possible. The children may paint in the children's room to their heart's content with finger paint, but should not come into the living room with the colorful fingers. They know that too, but in the enthusiasm for the finished work, that is quickly forgotten. Mom can be called simply through the open Klöntür and will then like to admire the new mural.

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