Propagate Klivie - So it succeeds successfully over offshoots and seeds

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The Klivie is a popular houseplant with colorful flowers. If you want, you can even increase it easily. How this works, read here.

Klivie multiply by offshoot or seeds

The Klivie or Clivia belongs to the Amaryllisgew├Ąchsen. In the winter months, the plant delights with enchanting flower umbels in rich hues. No wonder, if you can not get enough of it and would like to multiply the plant. Incidentally, that's not difficult at all. There are even two options for you to choose from.

You can separate side shoots or lose seeds. Unfortunately, not all plants produce offshoots or seeds, but with any luck, your Klivie will be up and coming.

Klivie multiply - 2 possibilities exactly presented

Klivie multiply with offshoots

In order to increase the Klivie over offshoot, the so-called Kindel suitable. These are shoots that grow from the rootstock of the mother plant. Before you can cut the offshoot, it must have enough roots of its own. If the runner is about 20 to 25 inches long, separate it with a sharp knife. Clean the interface with water and sprinkle it with charcoal powder for disinfection. The best time is when the inflorescences have faded. Put the shoot with the roots in a pot with normal potting soil. Well suited is also a mixture of peat and sand.

Pour very gently in the first few weeks, the substrate may lightly dry in between. Later, keep the soil slightly moist. Place the pot in a warm and bright place, but avoid direct sunlight. When the plant is bigger, it moves into a more spacious pot. After about one to two years, the first flowers form.

Klivie multiply with seeds

In order for you to be able to lose seeds, you have to wait until after flowering. The Klivie forms fruits that remain on the mother plant until they are ripe and begin to germinate. Then carefully remove the seeds from the capsules. Place the seeds on seed soil in the pot and press each seed. It should not be more than two or three seeds per pot. With a foil over the pot you create ideal conditions. Place the pot or pots in a warm and bright place. The foil must be ventilated regularly, so that no condensation forms - Attention, danger of mold!

Pour gently so that the soil does not dry out but is not flooded. After a few weeks, the first successes are already evident. If the young plants are about 15 centimeters, put each plant in its own pot. A loose, nutrient-rich soil for flowering houseplants is optimal. Young Klivien from seeds usually develop very well. In the first years, however, only the strong green, slender and smooth leaves form. It takes up to five years to bloom. The method "offshoot" works much faster if Sieiel attaches importance to the magnificent inflorescences.

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