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With a nice label, a jam jar looks much better. Whether you want to give away or retire, with a lovingly designed label makes the jam in the glass even more. At the same time, you know what's in the jar and when it was boiled. This is also enormously important.
You can easily make labels yourself. Of course, there are already ready to buy in the trade.
On the Internet there are numerous providers, on whose side one can select and often design labels. Then you can download it to your computer and print it out. The labels are easy to find by typing "labels for jam" into the search engine. There are a lot of pages with offers. You can choose in peace. Of course, free downloads are ideal. One should pay attention to this.
How does it work?
From the forms you select suitable labels and download them. You can either print on a normal sheet of paper, cut out the labels and stick to the glasses with a water-soluble adhesive. Practical are self-adhesive labels from the stationery trade. You just have to peel it off after printing and stick it on. As an alternative to the glue you can also use milk. Just brush the label thinly with milk and stick it on the cold glass, it is guaranteed to last and then it will simply go off without any residue that needs to be removed with difficulty. This glue does not last forever, but most of the jam is consumed quickly anyway.
Design labels yourself
If you want to design your own labels, you can also download programs on the Internet that help you get creative. You can design your very own label. You do not have to be a professional, even laymen can do it. However, the programs are not always free, so you have to take a closer look. But there are really good and free programs.
In addition, one can design labels in graphics programs, e.g. at Photoimpact, Paint Shop pro and a few more. Since you can think your own pictures or you put together different, previously selected in the network picture parts. The possibilities are unlimited. Once you have started designing, you will not want to stop.
You can stick labels even with properly wide transparent tape. This has the advantage that they stay clean and you can remove them without leaving any residue.

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