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The undeniable darling among the beetles - and not only with children! Many adults also like the little red-coated fellows, with the characteristic points on their backs. That these are the age of the ladybird, is still a widespread misconception. In fact, the number of ladybug spots remains the same throughout their lives - it is used as a distinguishing feature, because there is an almost unmanageable number of different subspecies, which are also found distributed throughout the world.
And they are not even very common with us: The largest biodiversity can be found in subtropical areas. But just looking at southern Europe is enough to get an impression of biodiversity. Already there are significantly more species represented, as with us. By the way, by no means all ladybugs are red - there are also yellow species, and some where the dots are so densely arranged that the red does not shine through the garment!
Popular beetle that decimates leaf and scale lice

  • But the beetle's popularity is not just due to its cute look. Ladybugs have been favored animals in ancient times, destroying impressive numbers of leaf and shield lice and other similar species throughout their lifetime. So they have always been a welcome guest in fields and gardens - and the name can be traced back to this property: The farmers believed that the beetle with its useful properties is a gift from St. Mary to protect the harvest. But the beetle is also considered a lucky symbol, and because of its red color, which is reminiscent of love, it is also widely considered a symbol of fertility.
  • How far this worship actually comes back, shows the find from a French excavation: a mammal ladybug carved from mammoth ivory, which was probably worn on a chain - at least the piece has a characteristic perforation, through which you probably pulled the string. In addition, there have always been various ladybird cults, which, mostly religiously motivated, some of them can still hold today.
Important to attract ladybug: Plant diversity
  • Who wants to settle ladybugs in their own garden, should pay attention to a corresponding variety of plants - because many ladybugs are specialized in special areas of life, and settle only there. However, the animals tend to migrate, should no sufficient food supply be available. Therefore, it is quite difficult, the little journeymen actually for a long time in the garden to home. However, when you leave, you can be pretty sure that the lice have disappeared...
  • Because of their nature, certain species of ladybirds have been deliberately transferred to other areas in the past, in part after the pest from which they feed has also (rather involuntarily) been moved. However, such actions are subject to an unpredictable risk to the local environment - and therefore extremely critical.

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