Helping ladybugs to hibernate during winter - information on hibernation

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Helping ladybugs to hibernate during winter - information on hibernation: beetles

Every child knows the beetles with the typical red tank and the black dots. Ladybugs also delight enthusiastic hobby gardeners, who see the small crawlers as a natural predator of plant lice and mites. Only a few people know that most of the beneficial organisms spend the winter in cold weather. The fact that the beetles get lost in houses and apartments can not be ruled out. With simple means you can help the ladybugs in their hibernation.

Beneficials in the garden

Ladybugs are indispensable helpers in the garden. The flyable beetles are hungry. Already in the larval stage the insects kill up to 3000 spider mites and aphids altogether. Even in adulthood, the beneficials do not hold back and eat between 50 and 100 pests per day. This insatiable appetite is quickly noticeable in the lice population in the garden. Positive for the gardener, negative for the damaged insects. Coccinellidae, the Latin name of the beetles, is an asset to any ornamental garden. A few precautions must be taken to ensure that the insects, which are up to 8 mm in size, are comfortable.
  • Offer the beetles many hiding places
  • A natural garden with mixed culture is optimal
  • High tufts of grass and cairns are preferred
The food source in the form of small pests should also be present. Avoid the use of insecticides from specialist retailers. These remedies work only temporarily, especially aphids and aphids are quickly resistant to these products and inherit this property to their offspring. In addition to the damaged insects, the chemical leg in many cases also useful garden dwellers, such as ladybugs and parasitic wasps. For this reason, it is advisable to combat aphids and Co. with natural remedies and predators.

wintering aids


The measure is suitable for making weakened insects fit for the winter. Of course, it can not be seen from the physical condition of the body in which condition the useful gardener is. However, this method does no harm and offers the ladybug an optimal start for wintering.
Tip: In addition to insect hotels you can make special ladybirds house to protect the insects and hang in the garden.
Ladybirds are useful and it makes sense to effectively reach under their wings for hibernation. Especially hiding places in the garden, for example in the form of an insect hotel or withered leaves, are preferred by the popular insects. If you meet Ladybugs in the warm living rooms, you can make them fit for the cold season with simple tricks. With the first warm sunbeams, the animals come to life and effectively take on aphid and mite populations. Incidentally, living with hundreds of contemporaries has another advantage. In addition to conserving heat, which is so important for the wintering of ladybirds, the animals can also find a partner faster in the spring and provide for offspring. After a long hibernation, this is a breeze for the animals.

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