Lavasplitt - ornamental gravel for Mediterranean gardens

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Lava chippings are very versatile. The good thing is that the porous quarry stones are very light. Lava chippings are of volcanic origin.
It consists of different silicates, brown iron ore and magnesium iron mica. Unlike lava granules, which are round pebbles, lava chippings are a broken material. The particles have different shapes. Everything looks very natural. Lava chippings can be walked on without the soil being compacted underneath. The material stores water and heat and releases both when needed afterwards. It is also important that the evaporation of water from the soil is reduced by the layer. The plant roots find ideal growth conditions, such as in a greenhouse. The plants can survive dry periods better. Rainwater is absorbed, it no longer comes to slurries, as they are typical for open soils. These soils do not dry out so much that they burst, harden and crust. There are quite different types of lava chippings. You will find different grains. The most common is the one with a grain size of 8 to 16 mm. Lava chippings are mostly from Germany. The simplest lava chippings have a brown color and can be had from about 5 euros for 20 kg. For a 5 cm thick layer you need about 50 kg lava chippings per m².
Lava chippings do not rot like bark mulch, that's another advantage. He is tolerated by all plants. You can not say that about bark mulch. Lava chippings can be used wonderfully for mulching. To do this, place about 5 cm thick layer of granules, directly on the ground. It uses light lava or foam lava, also called lavadrons or lavaate. This layer suppresses weeds, making gardening easier. Also approaching weed seeds are prevented from germinating.
Lava chippings for Mediterranean gardens
The reddish-brown color of the ornamental gravel is great for designing Mediterranean gardens. The properties of the material are a perfect match for the heat-loving plants of the region. Whether yucca, palm (hardy), olive tree, oleander, bougainvillea or one of the many other typical Mediterranean plants, they go well with the lava. However, the whole garden design should also fit the house. The overall picture has to be right.
Buy lava chippings
If you want to cover larger areas with lava chippings, you need a lot of them. This could get expensive. If you are not lucky enough to live near a quarry and can buy the material there inexpensively, you usually have to get it from the hardware store. The ornamental gravel is not cheap there. As an alternative you can buy lava chippings in winter. Since he is sold as a scattering agent. 50 kg then cost about 8 euros. However, this grit is fine-grained. Who can live with it, is so well served.

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