Increase lavender with cuttings

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Who does not dream of a lush flowery and fragrant lavender border around the rosary? If you bring a little patience with you, you do not have to spend a lot of money, because lavender can be easily multiplied by cuttings.

Increase lavender: The right time

Good times for the propagation of lavender are the late summer or the early spring. Hobby gardeners then have to cut their lavender anyway and come so easily to the necessary propagation material. Propagation in the spring has the advantage that you do not have to overwinter the plants. If you own a greenhouse or a cold frame, you should prefer the late summer increase: Although the losses are somewhat higher, the young plants can be put into the bed as early as spring.
In the following steps we will show you how easy it is to multiply lavender yourself.

Step by step: multiply lavender with cuttings

Cut branch

Prepare cuttings

Cut lavender twigs for propagation (left) and remove lower leaflets (right)

Use a pruner to snap off some twigs or branch ends of the mother plant. You should select as unbranched shoots without flowers, or simply cut off the withered flowers during reproduction in late summer. Cut the shoots to seven to ten centimeters long pieces and remove the shoot tips, so that the cuttings branch equally well at the top. Remove all leaflets along the lower third of the shoot, which will later be placed in the potting soil.

Put cuttings in seed trays

Put cuttings in seed trays

Fill a culture dish with a mixture of one part of coarse sand and one part of cultivation soil. Moisten the substrate well and compact it carefully with a small wooden board. The cuttings are inserted vertically to the leaf approach vertically in the ground. To increase the growth success, you can put them briefly in a bowl of rooting powder (for example Neudofix). Spray the cuttings with a nebulizer with water and cover the culture tubes with a hood or foil to keep the humidity high. Set up in a warm and bright, but not too sunny location in the garden and ventilate and water regularly.

Transfer to pots

Pruning young plants

When the cuttings have formed roots, they are transferred to pots (left). Young plants should be trimmed several times (right)

By the winter or in the spring, the young cuttings form the first roots. If you have rooted the cuttings in a culture dish, you should now put them into pots one at a time, otherwise they will press too hard. When propagating in late summer, you must keep the young plants in a bright and frost-free place during the winter months.

This is usually not necessary during spring multiplication. If the young lavender have grown and drive out, you should prune the new shoots several times with pruning shears. So the plants remain compact and branch well. In the late summer, you can move lavender from the pots to the bed. With the spring multiplication you should wait until the early summer. Only then are the pots well rooted.

Video: Cut lavender properly and use it

Cut lavender

Lavender is a very grateful and easy-care plant that needs some attention after flowering. In our video we show you how to cut lavender after flowering and to use the flowers in practice.

Video Board: How to Propagate and grow Lavender from Cuttings.

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