Make lavender bags yourself and fill them - a sewing instruction

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Lavender looks interesting, smells good and you can use it for all sorts of things. For the oil production you need special lavender, but you can plant it in the garden and it is easy to clean. The flowers can also be dried. The small fragrant bouquets look nice. Bagged flowers help in the wardrobe against moth infestation and in the kitchen cupboard against the food moths, which can also be a nuisance. In addition, lavender has a healing effect. It has a calming effect and relieves stomach and intestinal complaints. Lavender tea helps to fall asleep, lavender flowers in the bath water are pleasant and soothing, lavender flowers in the pillow provide a peaceful night's sleep. So the plant is very versatile.
lavender bag

  • For the bags are cotton or linen. They let air through. This is how the aroma unfolds.
  • Who can not sew, should use a pretty napkin. These can be packed together at the end or better tied together like a little bag and decorated with a pretty bow. If necessary, it also does a kitchen towel off the roll. No one sees the bags in the cupboard.
  • To make a bag, you use strips of cloth measuring about 10 x 30 cm.
  • The narrow sides have to be hemmed so they do not fray.
  • The long sides are put together with the outside and sewed together.
  • Ideal is a fine stitch, so that later none of the small flowers can fall out.
  • The bag is turned over so that the beautiful side is outside.
  • Now only the filling and a bow are missing.
Harvest of flowers
  • In June and August the flowers are collected.
  • It is only harvested when the flower has fully risen. So the stems can be dried well together with Blütenrispe. Flower color and active ingredients are retained.
  • The stems are cut under the first pair of leaves, tied together and hung with the flowers down to dry.
  • Only hang in a dry, airy and dark room!
Fill lavender in bags
  • The flower spikes are cut small.
  • The stems also smell and are also cut small.
  • Without stems many flowers are needed.
  • Fill in the flowers and seal the bag with a narrow band.
  • Although the bags smell about two years, but if you can, you should refill it every year.
Lavender bags are easy to make. They are useful and ideal as a gift. Who does not enjoy a homemade gift?

Video Board: How to Sew and Fill a Lavender Sachet.

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