A lawn becomes a meeting place

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The empty lawn in the garden is to be transformed into a cozy place to stay. The existing ornamental shrubs on the edge of the property remain so far. The owners want a privacy screen, so they can stay undisturbed in the garden.

Suggestion 1: Well-being corner to relax

With warm colors, modern outdoor furniture and construction measures, the previously unused area is transformed into an inviting garden room, which becomes a favorite spot in summer time. Orange and red tones are discreetly matched and are broken up by white flowers in the beds.

Design idea: wellbeing corner to relax

In the middle of the lawn, the large, free-standing hammock with wooden frame invites you to take a nap. Relax well on the large, weatherproof beanbag

Simple wooden elements such as the privacy fence and the outdoor shower with back wall match the cozy ambience. On hot days you can pick up a little cooling under the open-air shower. Flowering beds frame the redesigned area in a pleasant way. The concrete raised bed and the wooden pergola on the right side bring height into the design and contribute to the cozy room effect.

The pergola is enriched by the red blooming of the trumpet winds 'Indian Summer' (Campsis tagliabuana) - and a light, white curtain is added as additional privacy during the summer months. Varied bloomers such as purple-ragweed and evening primrose 'Sunset Boulevard' stand with their rich flower colors in a great contrast to the white-flowering summer shrubs such as candelabra honorary prize 'Diana' and Indian armchair 'Snow White'.

Weatherproof outdoor furniture, beanbag

Weatherproof outdoor furniture like the orange beanbag is lightweight, practical and comfortable and can be carried comfortably anywhere in the garden

In the shadow of the small Japanese flowering-cherry blossom 'Kiku-shidare-Zakura' with its picturesque growth, the blood grass shines, which attracts attention with its red tips of straw. In the planter grows the exotic, native to South Africa pincushion, the orange flowers appear in spring and remind of pincushion.

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