Create lawn in 6 steps

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Create lawn in 6 steps

The right time to completely rebuild a lawn is in the spring between the months of March and April. But even in the summer you can start a sowing and the Create lawn again.

However, preparation for the later lawn is very important. Only when the soil is well prepared, the lawn can grow and thrive permanently.

  1. The first thing you need to do is clear the area completely of weeds and dig it up.
  2. Then the area is straightened and you have to use a rake to remove the big stones. These could interfere with lawn mowing later and the lawn will not spread evenly enough.
  3. If you want a clean surface, you should sieve the soil again and also free it from the small stones.
  4. Only then can the small grass seeds be brought to the surface.
  5. If you sprinkle a small layer of soil over it, then the seeds are also protected from the birds.
  6. If weeds form during this time, this must be removed immediately. Only then will you get a new and beautiful lawn.

That's why a lot of planning and preparation are required before you lay down a lawn.

Video Board: 6 Steps to Get the Perfect Lawn.

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