Create lawn again, but when?

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Sow new lawn best in late summer

If the lawn has suffered greatly in various areas, it is often necessary that it is completely rebuilt in the damaged areas. The question that hobby gardeners ask themselves again and again is the time when the race New invest got to?

Replant the lawn in late summer
Ideal to rebuild the lawn is the late summer. Here, the sun on the one hand can still let their intense warming rays work, so that the growth works quickly, on the other hand, in late summer, the risk is very low that the new lawn dries too fast.

The grasses grow very fast in this season and by winter already bushy and robust little plants have developed that survive the cold season without any problems.

Important for the new plant is also that in late summer, the growth of weeds is sparsely precipitated and the young turf plants are much less affected in their growth than in the spring, when everything - including the weeds - sprouts fast and intense thrives.

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