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Lay a lawn edge - that sounds easy at first, right? But if you are not careful here, you can quickly get things wrong.

Curbs are versatile

Curbs (also called curbs) can be used in the garden in various ways. For example, to separate a bed from a green area. In this way, you can mow the lawn more easily, because you can drive along the edge with the lawnmower, and also the grass can not grow into the beds.

Curbs can also be the conclusion of a paved area. For example, they can also stabilize the outer stones of the decking or limit a garden path to the side. But you can also serve to secure a slope or stabilize a gravel border around the house. Of course, you can also use curbs for other purposes and use them to build a bench or as steps in the garden.

Tips for laying curbs

➥ Tip 1 - choose the right strength:

In the trade you will find a wide selection of curb stones in different sizes, materials and thicknesses. The cheapest option is gray concrete. A little more pep bring you with colored edge stones in the garden. For the larger purse and a sophisticated garden design, you will also find in the specialist trade edge stones made of natural stone, such as granite, limestone or sandstone.

When choosing the right material, you should decide according to your taste. The important thing is that when selecting the thickness, you always have to decide in which area the stones should be laid and which loads they have to withstand.

Additional tip:

Laying is particularly easy if you decide on curbs that you can nest into each other. These stones are curved inward on one side and outward on the other.

➥ Tip 2 - let edge stones into the ground:

It is advisable to always immerse the stones in earth. That's no problem with a height of 20 to 30 centimeters. Only by getting into the soil can you prevent, for example, that the green area under the stones spreads. In addition, the edge stones get so only sufficient stability and do not tip away. So let the curbs so deep that only the top (which is semi-circular shaped) protrudes up.

➥ Tip 3 - Use guideline and spirit level:

In addition, it is important that you use a guideline and spirit level when laying. Only then it is guaranteed later that the stones are just stuck in the ground and also form a straight line.

Instructions for laying a lawn edge

Step 1:

To get a very straight line, you first have to stretch a guide string along the lawn. Maybe you can orient yourself on a garden path or a fence.

Step 2:

Now the spade is used. With this you must now dig a trench in the width of the curbs. The depth should be based on the height of the stones.

Step 3:

Now insert the edging stones into this furrow. These do not need to be additionally fastened with concrete. You are so deep in the ground, that slipping is almost impossible. You can then tap them lightly with a rubber mallet so that they all have the same height. Only in extremely stressed areas of the property should you perhaps embed the curbs.

Step 4:

The excavated soil can at least partially fill you in the ditch again. To avoid later sinking, you should then soil the soil with sufficient water afterwards. Then add some more earth if necessary.

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