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Lush green and dense: lawns are like Oriental rugs, the more stalks per square meter, the more beautiful they are. But without lawn fertilizer, the grasses quickly become listless and weeds or brown spots spread like moth-feeding.
A regular dose of lawn fertilizer keeps the grasses happy and makes them fit for moss and weeds. Lawn fertilizers are granulated, they are distributed either by hand or a spreader. Liquid lawn fertilizers are of no importance in home gardens. There are lawn fertilizer in many price ranges, with a look at the ingredients is worthwhile: supposedly much too expensive brand products are often much more substantial, contain more trace elements and have a longer effect.

Lawn Fertilizer - All-inclusive for your lawn

All plants need the same nutrients, but in different amounts and concentrations. Lawn fertilizer has exactly the right ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to provide the blades of grass continuously and without burst growth for weeks or even months. Therefore, normal garden fertilizers such as blue grain are also completely unsuitable for the lawn, they act on him more like a doping syringe: The grass shoots after two days in the air, you have to mow two or three times a week, after three weeks, the lawn again Hunger and everything is as before.
Whether eight weeks, two, three or even six months: lawn fertilizers have different lengths, but all contain fast-acting components for the greatest hunger. Some lawn fertilizers like Floranid (Compo) work for four or even up to six months.

Lawn fertilizer Compo Floranid

Long-term fertilizers like Floranid by Compo work for up to six months

The actual duration of action of the lawn fertilizer also depends on the soil, the from-to information on the packs are indicative, the highest value applies to ideal conditions. On warm, sandy and humus-poor soils with little storage capacity for nutrients, lawn fertilizers do not last as long as on loamy, humus-rich soils.

Complete fertilizers are not always the first choice

Lawn fertilizers are usually complete fertilizers, so they contain all the main nutrients. Many garden soils are now over-supplied with nutrients, especially with phosphate - a complete fertilizer would put additional strain on the soil. This is especially true for former vegetable beds, which are to be transformed into a lawn. Therefore, a soil analysis is recommended so that you do not over-care your newly created garden or lawn. You immediately have chemical analyzes, a laboratory and a lot of effort in mind. In fact, you only have to bother once and send some land to the agricultural chamber - the results are then conveniently delivered to your home. If the soil contains too much phosphate, fertilize with a tartan fertilizer that only contains nitrogen and potassium.

Fall Lawn Fertilizer

Horticultural fertilizers contain a lot of nitrogen and potassium and are therefore particularly suitable for lawns that are over-supplied with phosphate

Lawn fertilizer with additives

Some lawn fertilizers use additives against moss or grass weeds. These lawn fertilizers are natural, but primarily for convenience. Anyone who applies the individual components separately achieves a better effect and also gets much higher quality lawn fertilizer. For the combination preparations, the instructions for use must be observed, because the fertilizers are not watered just like other lawn fertilizers immediately after distribution, but only scattered on dewy turf and watered after two days. In addition, you can not enter the lawn for several days.

Lawn fertilizer with iron

Lawn fertilizers with ferrous sulfate work against moss. Depending on its concentration in the fertilizer, such granules pass through as fertilizer - or are not freely available at higher concentrations than plant protection products, but then act faster. Although moss killers solve the problem with the moss, but do not fight its cause, namely nitrogen deficiency paired with low pH and like still lifeless, compacted soil. Because ferrous sulphate has a catch: The fertilizer effect soon fizzles and the soil becomes acidic with regular use. Without appropriate liming you sow the moss almost for the next season.

Lime the lawn

If you use a lawn fertilizer with ferrous phosphate, you should then lime the lawn, so that the soil is not acidic

Lawn fertilizers with iron sulphate require more attention than pure lawn fertilizers. The iron compound irritates the eyes and the lawn must not be entered for days by pets or raging children - in conjunction with moisture acids. Stone slabs or garments may get stained after contact with the iron compound. In the application even a protective suit is recommended.
Other lawn fertilizers such as the Spezial 5plus1 (Neudorff) contain iron without sulfate or other appendages and are unproblematic for the user. The iron serves only as a nutrient or dye, as iron as an essential component of leafy green colors the stalks lush green.

Mineral lawn fertilizer

Mineral lawn fertilizers originate from chemically treated minerals or are produced completely synthetically. The final product is nutrient-containing salts that dissolve in water and are available to the grasses, depending on their nature, immediately or only months later. Mineral lawn fertilizers work fast and are ideal for highly stressed sports turf. The lawn fertilizers are very rich and suitable for all soils, but cheap products on sandy soils can easily be washed out if too many nutrient salts dissolve at once.
Important: Before the lawn becomes a playground again, you should water strongly or fertilize before an expected downpour. Otherwise burns threaten.

Apply lawn fertilizer with spreading trolley

With a spreading trolley, the lawn fertilizer can be distributed evenly and without much effort

The most important component in the lawn fertilizer are the nitrogen components, which act for different lengths of time, but also at different speeds. Nitrate is absorbed directly by the plants and acts the fastest. It is also easily washed out and should always be present in the soil only in small quantities. Ammonium must first be converted to nitrate and works a little longer. Of the possible long-term forms, urea acts fastest and for up to two months. So-called Isodur works for three to four months. This is in principle a souped-up urea molecule, which is given a special carrier the longer duration of action. Crotodur, which is contained in the Compo Floranid, works for up to four months. After all, the longest-acting nitrogen form is urea with a special coating, which gradually dissolves and releases the urea after four months - so the lawn is supplied for up to half a year.

Organic lawn fertilizers

Bone meal, horn shavings, guano, humus, compost or leftovers from the leather industry: organic lawn fertilizer consists of natural, but industrially processed ingredients, so that a consistent composition is guaranteed. Organic lawn fertilizers are gradually broken down by the soil organisms into their constituents, which ultimately makes the long-term effect. Some lawn fertilizers, like the acetone (Neudorff), contain microorganisms that additionally promote natural soil fertility.

Apply the lawn fertilizer by hand

The application of lawn fertilizer by hand requires some practice

Lawn is, in principle, a monoculture of densely growing grasses, which repeatedly fetch the same nutrients from the soil and give them no break. With regular use, organic lawn fertilizers improve the soil - especially sandy soils. Badly tended lawn is usually matted, hungry and must grow on compacted and often acid soil. As a result, the soil organisms no longer feel like working, dead plant remains remain and felted between the blades to a spongy surface. Weeds have an easy game - it's done around the beautiful green. Organic lawn fertilizer is safe for pets and raging children. The lawn can be entered immediately after application, but thorough washing speeds up the effect.

Problem case of castor meal

Organic lawn fertilizers used to contain castor meal. Actually no problem, if you heat it sufficiently beforehand, so that the poisonous ricin contained decomposes, which leads to serious poisoning in pets. However, as it always came back to poisoning, brand manufacturers such as Oscorna and Neudorff renounce therefore for years on castor meal, which is why these lawn fertilizers are harmless to pets. For cheap products, however, you should pay close attention to the list of ingredients and in case of doubt prefer to resort to a branded product.

How often should you fertilize the lawn?

Good lawn fertilizers usually work for three months, which applies equally to organic and mineral fertilizers. How often you fertilize depends on the use of the lawn. A pure ornamental lawn - from a corresponding seed mixture - shows up with two fertilizer gifts a year from its most beautiful side.
The more the grass is loaded, the more the grasses have to work harder to close the gaps as quickly as possible - and are accordingly hungry. The usual lawns in home gardens like breakfast, lunch and dinner just like people: After the winter, the lawn is really hungry and gets depending on the weather from the beginning of April breakfast in the form of lawn fertilizer according to the manufacturer. At the end of June lunch is announced and the turf lurches again, before starting to slowly prepare for winter from September, which can really put a damper on the lawn. Therefore, do not send it to the winter without dinner in the form of autumn grass fertilizer.For months of snow on the lawn, the lawn goes with a thick black eye into the next spring and is prone to snow mold. Herbaceous fertilizer contains a lot of potassium, which is crucial for the stability of the cell walls and thus for the hardiness of the frost.

Potash-fertilized lawn fertilization in autumn

A potassium-fertilized fertilizer in the fall makes the turf grasses more stable and increases the frost hardiness

If you keep this diet continuously, you can do without the scarifying confidently. With well-fertilized grass, it is sufficient to loosen the turf in the spring with a plastic tine with short tines. In the shade of trees, a lawn is more hungry than in the sun, because the surrounding trees or bushes grab a large part of the nutrients and not much is left for the home-hungry lawn. Therefore, moss likes to grow in the shade - the grass is simply hungry and can not prevail. The shadow itself is not so crucial for the formation of moss.

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