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If you love your lawn, you have a lot of free time with the care and irrigation of the valuable greenery. However, only a few are really aware that many hobby gardeners invest too much time and money in often incorrect care.
On the other hand, if you just let your lawn grow in front of you, then sooner or later moss will form on its own. If a lawn is over-supplied with water too intensively, it will either result in moss infestation and / or the formation of bald spots within the lawn.
Incidentally, the same effect results from too little sunshine, too much shade, even when scarifying too often and, moreover, when using the wrong fertilizer. Because many fertilizers contain a relatively high nitrogen content, which can additionally promote dehydration.
In addition, too frequent cutting, or too short a cut, can equally cause the grass to dry out: it turns brown and, accordingly, moss can spread in the end.
Alternative: lawn fertilizer against moss
Good and long-term success in this context can often be achieved with relatively little effort. The magic word is Kombi-Präparat - in the form of lawn fertilizers including moss killer. Although this type of fertilizer also contains a nitrogen content - but in an appropriate ratio. In addition, iron is included, which should support improved grass growth.
Thus, moss is destroyed on the one hand and on the other hand can form at the then bald spots in the lawn relatively quickly new grass and a uniform, rich green picture is formed again.
If, after a certain period of time, the moss has been removed and new blades of grass have also grown, care must be taken to ensure that new moss can not even be formed. After all, if new moss has formed in even the smallest part of the lawn, there is a risk that it will overgrow the green space within a short time.

  • Shadow - too little sun promotes moss. In the shade grass hardly grows, partial shade is still possible, but only with special grass seed.
  • Moisture - too much moisture promotes moss and sells grass. Grass needs a balance between moisture and dryness.
  • Nutrient Deficiency - Organic fertilizers are environmentally friendly because they contain significantly fewer minerals. However, they do not often work so fast and not so well. For this they promote soil life.
  • Matting - Grass roots, weeds and moss often form turf felt. This hinders the lawn growth. Scarifying helps. That also pulls the moss out of the lawn right away.
  • PH value - moss likes acid soil, grass does not. Ideal pH is 7 to 8. If it is below 6, it is bad for grass. With lawn lime the acid can be neutralized.
  • Heavy, compact soil - Water can not drain and the turf roots can not breathe.
  • Unsuitable seed mixtures - some mixtures are simply not suitable. Weed and moss infestations are inevitable. The seeds should not be saved. In the long run it will be more expensive.
Many gardeners are of the opinion that our lawns are too sour and too salty. That's probably because too many mineral fertilizers are used. This will also lessen the vitality of the soil organisms resident there. Therefore, organic fertilizers or compost should be used to provide nutrients! Compost is a soil conditioner, an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms. Humus ensures that the nutrients in the humus layer are available to the plants.
So what about moss in the grass?
  • 1. Scarify
  • 2nd liming
  • 3. Fertilize organically
Iron fertilizer against moss?
If you ask in the hardware store for a remedy for moss, is advised in most cases to an iron fertilization. In the long run, however, iron (II) sulfate tends to do the opposite, only helps in the short term. Iron makes the soil acidic and lowers the pH. This is good for moss and bad for grass. Iron fertilizer is too not harmless, The dead moss plant parts must not on the compost and not in the bio-ton. Ferrous sulfate can release caustic sulfuric acid.
Notes on removing moss
Either tearing and removing mosses by conventional means and by hand, which is very time consuming, or you can opt for a moss killer. This is available either as a solo edition in the garden center or hardware store, but it is also available in combination with a lawn fertilizer. So you can kill two birds with one stone. Because with the wonder drug your lawn in the garden or behind the house is stimulated to grow, while annoying moss disappears within a short time.
This saves you time and money because you only have to work once in the garden, but you have to do two things at once.It is best to plan these activities for spring or autumn, here the lawn fertilizer with integrated moss killer works best.
Incidentally, the remedy may be used for both prevention and destruction if the lawn is already infested with moss. Because then it is not too late. A positive side effect of the lawn fertilizer with moss killer is that your lawn is stronger, denser and ultimately greener and juicier, while the moss has previously deprived him of energy.
However, when using the product described here, you should make sure that it is used in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible in the garden. In addition to the annoying moss, there are also many useful plants and of course the wildlife outside should not suffer from poisons that are distributed or sprayed.
The best way to do this is to inform the specialist in advance. This will then recommend you a biological and environmentally friendly means that is still lawn fertilizer and moss killer in one and thus solves your problems.
From a price point of view, such aids are very cheap in relation. Per liter are expected to 3 to 5 euros depending on the brand and product. Again, it is important to seek advice and compare prices.

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