Lawnmower: 4 types and their advantages and disadvantages presented

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Every gardener needs one, but no one really knows which one is right: we're talking about a lawnmower. Here therefore the 4 "basic" models and their advantages and disadvantages presented.

All lawnmower types have their advantages and disadvantages

While we used to only have to choose between electric and petrol lawnmowers, various lawnmower manufacturers are now offering far more lawnmower models to modern gardeners today. Since it is already difficult to decide in the end for the right lawn mower type. In principle, you should differentiate when buying a lawnmower for these variants:

➤ Electric lawnmower
➤ Petrol lawnmowers
➤ Cordless mower
➤ Tractor lawnmowers

Of course, these four models offer all their advantages and disadvantages. And this is exactly what we would like to explain in more detail below.

4 lawnmower types and their advantages and disadvantages presented

Electric lawnmower:

✔ Advantages:

The electric lawnmower is largely traded at a very low purchase value in the specialized trade and in numerous DIY stores. Also, this type of lawnmower is considered to be environmentally friendly and easy to maneuver due to its light weight throughout.

✖ Disadvantages:

The disadvantage, however, is that you always have to carry an electric cable when mowing, which of course brings dangers in itself. Especially when the garden has many obstacles such as trees and shrubs, sculptures, etc. And also a high growth of grass can be mowed with an often low-performance electric lawnmower barely satisfactory.


✔ Advantages:

Petrol lawn mowers give each gardener a spatial independence (because wireless), which makes them ideal for large lawns. Many of these models also have a high speed, so they can be used perfectly even with high grass growth - even with blunt knives!

✖ Disadvantages:

However, the petrol lawn mower must be regularly refilled with petrol to ensure its bustle. Why you have to be careful during the season that there is always enough supply available.

Battery lawnmowers:

✔ Advantages:

The eco-friendly cordless lawnmower is often referred to as a combination model because it works on the one hand like an electric lawnmower, but on the other hand can do without a cable. This in turn has the advantage that the lawnmower can be used quite easily everywhere.

✖ Disadvantages:

The disadvantage, however, is that the comfortable Akkurasenmäher in the acquisition value are relatively expensive and depending on battery performance (about 24 hours average charging time) often only for smaller lawns are. This is an important purchase criterion. See Lawn mower for lawn select - Our buying guide.


✔ Advantages:

Tractor lawnmowers (also called riding mowers) are ideally suited for large lawns and parks. However, you should not confuse them with mowing beams attached to agricultural tractors. Rather, this is a mobile, extremely comfortable lawnmower model. Incidentally, the tractor lawn mower is operated with diesel or petrol and is considered extremely powerful (average cutting width of up to 1.50 meters) and flexible in its handling.

✖ Disadvantages:

The fact that a Traktorrasenmäher has a lot to offer, of course, it is also quite expensive. When buying such a model, you must expect at least a four-digit purchase value.

Another disadvantage is that with tractor mower obstacles can only be approached as close enough as possible with sufficient exercise. In some cases you need to mow the immediate area around the obstacle with a grass trimmer again.

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