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Which garden owner does not know that? With increasing temperatures, the care of the lawn takes a greater role. A beautiful, well-kept lawn is finally considered a figurehead. If you have to work on larger surfaces, you can hardly avoid buying a lawnmower. The fact that the selection is very large in this segment becomes clear when one compares the range of conventional garden or DIY stores. It is therefore important to remember - in addition to a rough financial framework - the minimum performance characteristics. Extremely practical are, for example, mowers with drive. Especially older people, the mowing with these models is increasingly easier.
But also various accessories for lawn care are needed. Smaller areas, which are difficult to reach with the mower, can be easily processed with a cordless lawn shears. What special features you have to pay attention to when buying such and what their advantage over conventional models, you will find out with us.
Garden lovers are all too well aware that in addition to the actual lawn care and many small embellishments in the garden are pending. Whether it is about laying treadplates on the lawns or attaching lawn edges - you will find all sorts of useful tools for lawn care in stores.
You can already see from this small selection that there are many useful helpers for lawn care. A selection of specialist articles on the subject can be found at, your guide to the lawn and lawn care.

Cordless Lawn Shears - Models, Prices and Buying Tips

Cordless grass shears are simple and easy to use. Whether for cleaning the lawn edges or pruning of box trees - cordless lawn scissors can be used quickly thanks to the wireless technology.

Make treadplates yourself and lay in the grass

If you want to enter your lawn in any weather, you do not have to create a garden path right away. Single tread plates are enough, so you can walk dry and without sinking over the green area. If you do not find anything suitable for the finished panels, you can pour your own individual stepping stones yourself.

Lawnmower with drive - drive lawnmower

Who has to maintain a lawn in his garden, which usually has a lawn mower with drive in the garage. It makes lawnmowing much easier compared to a hand lawn mower.

Video Board: Maintenance for Lawn Care Tools : How to Clean Your Gas Lawn Mower.

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