Lawnmower Purchase advice: Petrol or Electric?

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A lawnmower is indispensable for every garden owner. But which one is right for me? Gas or electric? We support you in your purchase decision and mention the advantages and disadvantages of both devices.

lawn mower buying advice Electric lawnmower

The lawn is growing and growing. If you do not always want to borrow your neighbor's lawn mower, you should quickly get your own. But which exactly? If you listen to the circle of acquaintances, every second person has a different opinion. One says gasoline and the other electric lawnmower. But which one is the right one?

The choice of the perfect mower depends on various criteria. A very important purchasing criterion is, for example, the area to be mowed. (Reading tip: choose a lawnmower for lawn - our buying advice) And of course the drive is enormously important in order to achieve optimal long-term results.

Here we have put together the advantages and disadvantages of electric and petrol lawn mowers.


  • 1 electric lawnmower
    • 1.1 ➤ Advantages
    • 1.2 ➤ Disadvantages
  • 2 petrol lawnmowers
    • 2.1 ➤ Advantages
    • 2.2 ➤ Disadvantages
  • 3 advantages and disadvantages: short and to the point
    • 3.1 Conclusion:

electric lawnmowers

➤ Advantages

A big advantage of electric lawn mowers over petrol lawn mowers is the volume level. Electric mowers work much quieter and are therefore particularly suitable in areas where gardens and houses are close to each other. Your neighbor will definitely be happy if you opt for a quieter device. Especially if you can mow late at night, the annoyance of neighbors is greatly reduced by an electric mower. (Reading tip Stiftung Warentest report Noise in the garden: The noisemakers next door)

Another advantage is the low weight of the electric lawnmowers, as the engine is already a lot lighter than that of a gas mower. On the other hand, the electrical appliances are made of plastic, while motor lawn mowers are often made of metal and thus have more weight. Especially for women a criterion that is very crucial. After all, gardening should also be a little fun.

Low care and maintenance effort
Also not to be despised is the care and maintenance of a lawnmower. Care of the lawn mower not only requires regular cleaning, but also that you should winterize your lawnmower every year. Nevertheless, the effort is much lower than with a gasoline lawnmower. There you must regularly check the oil level and change the oil.

" Note: Despite low maintenance, worn scissors blades and other wearing parts have to be replaced every now and then.

Even grass clippings
The cut surfaces of an electric lawnmower are cleaner, as the revolutions of the cut leaves are much higher. Even the tips do not look quite so frayed. Another advantage is the subsequently denser growing lawn, which looks much more elegant.

➤ Disadvantages

Disturbing power cable
Probably the biggest drawback to an electric lawnmower is the annoying power cable that you always pull behind you. This can be very restrictive when mowing. You always have to worry about which way you go, not to drive in the worst case on the cable.

Power connection and extension cable must be present
In an electric lawnmower, of course, a power connection is always needed. If you only have limited external sockets available, you should always have an extension cable at hand to increase the range. This is often necessary, especially for larger properties.

Damp weather and too high turf
When it has rained or the lawn has grown beyond a certain size, the electric lawn mower quickly reaches its limits. If the lawn is too high, you would have to pull the lawnmower back and forth again and again. This is not only exhausting, but in the long run is not fun.

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Lawnmower Kaufberatung Petrol lawnmower

➤ Advantages

Regardless of the electricity
Especially with large land the advantage of a gas mower is obvious. You are simply independent as far as the power supply is concerned. You do not have to worry about cables and you can move freely with the mower on the property.

A gasoline engine is significantly more powerful than an electric motor. Thus, a gasoline lawn mower works easier through dense tall grass without reaching its limits. Even on uneven terrain with a slight slope petrol lawnmowers are the much better companions.This more powerful engine makes the petrol lawn mower to the most popular lawnmower types ever.

Easier mowing
Most petrol lawnmowers already have a wheel drive today. This means that you do not have to push the mower out of your own power, but this makes it all by itself. Especially with very large and heavy equipment, this can be a real relief.

Larger collection basket
Anyone who regularly has to mow lawns knows how annoying the constant emptying of the basket can be. On the one hand you are constantly interrupted at work and on the other hand you constantly run back and forth. In a gasoline lawnmower that is also not to avoid, but at least he was donated a larger basket. This way you can cover longer distances with only one emptying.

" Tip: An alternative would be a mulching mower. Here the clippings remain and fertilize the lawn at the same time. (Reading tip: Mulching mower - Advantages and use of the mower in detail)

➤ Disadvantages

No mowing without fuel
Of course, an electric lawnmower needs its "fuel", but let's just assume that every household has a power connection. But if you cut your lawn with your petrol lawn mower and then suddenly the gasoline is all, then the way to the gas station is first programmed.

Higher volume
The volume of a gas mower can be a real problem especially in urban areas and allotment gardens. The lawnmower is quite noisy due to the engine's power and could severely burden your neighbors. In this case, an electric lawnmower probably the better option.

Larger maintenance requirement
In contrast to the electric lawn mower, the petrol mower has a greater need for maintenance. Here you must regularly check the oil level and also occasionally change the oil (instructions here). In addition, the air filter must always be cleaned. Work saved by the electric mower.

Storage space must be available
The size of petrol lawn mowers vary from model to model. There are mowers that are very large and need a lot of storage space. On small plots of land or in gardens, it can quickly come to space problem.

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Pros and Cons: Short and sweet

Benzinrasenmäher✔ independent while working
✔ high efficiency
✔ large collection basket
✔ easy and faster mowing
✘ Fuel needed
✘ increased volume level
✘ higher maintenance
✘ larger space requirement
electric lawnmowers✔ low acquisition value
✔ low maintenance
✔ environmentally friendly
✔ clean cut
✔ low weight
✔ low volume level
✘ difficulty with too high turf
✘ interfering cable
✘ Power connection must be present
✘ Extension cable may be necessary


Lawn mower buying guide comparison

So which lawn mower you choose depends mainly on your own needs and the nature of your lawn. Stiftung Warentest has taken a closer look at some electric lawn mowers and put them to the acid test. The test result can be viewed here for free.

Of course, you can order most of the tested devices and petrol lawn mowers online. I particularly like redcoon's online shop here, because in its category of garden tools you can compare individual devices quite wonderfully (see picture on the right).
To do this you only need to tick under the article "Compare product" and then get a table presenting the selected products very clear. Try out!

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