Mowing robots Purchase advice: How to find the best robotic lawnmower for your needs

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The purchase of a robotic lawnmower is an expensive affair, so it should be well covered. What is important about the robotic lawnmower? Which device is right for me? Our buying tips will help you decide.

Mowing robots Purchase advice: How to find the best robotic lawnmower for your needs

Lying in the sun on the weekend, while the lawn mows as if by magic. A really great idea. But with the invention of the robotic lawnmower, it is no longer wishful thinking. Despite the very high price, more and more lawnmower robots are finding their way into private gardens. No wonder, considering that you do not have to tenter the lawn mower yourself through the garden.

As usual in the technical world, not every robotic lawnmower is the same. For example, there are big differences in the lawn to mow. But more on that later. After a few sleepless nights and lots of pros and cons, my husband and I decided this year to also provide a robotic lawnmower to enter our sacred garden kingdom. The choice was certainly not easy for us. Almost every lawnmower manufacturer has at least one robotic lawnmower, if not more. Finding the right one here was not that easy. Very helpful in the decision was us but the detailed mower comparison on From a test carried out in 2015, the 5 best robotic lawnmowers were directly compared. This saved us some time, because we did not have to constantly jump back and forth between our individual favorites.

Before a comparison comes into question at all, you should know what is important when buying a robotic lawnmower and what are the purchase criteria to consider.

»The 7 most important purchase criteria

1. Area performance

Probably the most important criterion in the search for a suitable robotic lawnmower is the area that the device has to accomplish. Each device is designed differently. For a garden of 1000 m² you will need a different mower than for a garden area of ​​200 m².

For each device you will find in the technical details the exact information about the maximum area capacity. It should be said, however, that in most cases the capacity is not quite reached. On the safe side you are, if you expect plus minus 20 percent (Source: These variations are caused simply by the differences in lawn quality and of course by the length of the grass.

" My advice: If you are less than 20 percent in the boundary of the area, it is better if you opt for the next larger model.

2. Nature of the garden area

Mowing robots Purchase advice: How to find the best robotic lawnmower for your needs

Robotic lawnmowers are often advertised as being able to do their job on all surfaces. For land with steep gradients or slopes, however, the robot can quickly reach its limits. Not every device is perfectly designed here. There are even models that are created only for flat surfaces. On the other hand, there are also lawnmower robots that can cope with inclines and inclines of up to 50 percent.

Make sure you pay attention to the instructions in the description when buying.

" Important NOTE: Lawnmower robots need their space during "work". If you have a lot of obstacles in your garden, you should reconsider the investment carefully. The same applies to children playing in the garden. During work, the device should be able to work freely on the mowing surface. Many obstacles, pets and children would unnecessarily stop and block the work.

3. Battery technology

There are also some differences with the batteries. Most robotic lawnmowers have a lithium-ion battery included. These are very light and recharge quickly.

But there are also other technologies that are mainly used in older models. Although these models are significantly cheaper in the new purchase, but do not handle so many loads. It comes at some point the time, there must be a new battery.
That's why it pays in the long run to rely on new models with lithium-ion battery. The purchase price is higher, but pays off over time.

4. Noise

We all know the sounds of a good old petrol lawnmower. The volume is really not to be overheard. Lawnmower robots perform their work much more quietly. Whereby there are serious differences between the individual models.

If you plan to have your lawnmower flit across the lawn at night as well, provided the neighborhood allows it, then you should reach for quiet devices. In most product descriptions you will always find the noise data. These are given in decibels. At the Federal Ministry under you will find a clear table with decibels and their comparable noise in everyday life.So the comparison is much easier.

5. Operation

Mowing robots Purchase advice: How to find the best robotic lawnmower for your needs

A very crucial point is the operation of the hard-working helpers. In general, they all work in a simple and understandable way. Depending on the model, different mowing programs can be set on the units. This is done on a built-in display. For devices from the higher price segment even with touchpad.

Most devices drive their area with the help of a boundary wire. The mowing area must be unplugged in advance with these cables so that the robot knows - right up to here and no further. In addition, you can use these cables also stake out areas that the lawnmower robot should not drive.

In this video guide, you can already inform yourself in advance, how the cables must be laid exactly and what there is to pay attention.

But there are already some devices that work without the laying of the boundary wire. Some of them drive the route by surface recognition. Here the robot has special sensors for grass detection.

6. Safety

A very important aspect when making a purchase decision should also be security. Make sure that your desired device is equipped with safety sensors. These are used, for example, when the robotic lawnmower is raised. Automatically, this must immediately stop mowing, so as not to hurt anyone.

" My advice:

Some insurers take the robotic lawnmower into home contents insurance. But that is far from the case for all. Please ask your insurance company in advance.

Highly recommended is an anti-theft device. Only recently did a friend tell me that her robotic lawnmower was stolen in the front yard. Such a thing is very annoying, because honestly, who is once so "spoiled" and no longer has to mow his lawn, he wants a new one as soon as possible. But the devices also cost a bar of money that not everyone has just under his pillow. In the newer models today, however, a theft protection is integrated, which often works with a PIN code.

Even newer models can even tell the owner by SMS or GPS the exact location. A positive security feature, but also priced to book.

7. Accessories

Although the subject of accessories is not necessarily decisive in the decision, it is advisable in advance to take a look at the necessary accessories. What good is a cheap model for you when worn or broken spare parts eat up your budget.

So take a look in advance as to how expensive spare battery, charger or a new knife costs. In any case, you already know in advance what you may need to invest sooner or later.

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