Maintain lawn mower - 6 tips

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If you do not want to knock out the cost of having your lawnmower out the window, you need to take care of the mower on a regular basis. That's how it works!

Lawn mower care tips

The lawn is mowed, the work done, the closing time calls! Unfortunately it is not that easy if you want to have something longer from your lawn mower. In the best case, the mower, regardless of whether electric or gasoline variant, cleaned after each Mähinsatz. The lack of leisure is often understandable. But you should set regular appointments for lawnmower care. Especially at the end of the season, ie in late autumn, the lawnmower must undergo thorough maintenance and care.

Tip 1 - Basic cleaning

Anyone who sends their lawnmower into the winter break without being purged runs the risk of both housing and knives being completely rusted next spring. First, it is therefore necessary to tilt the mower on its side. Attention: always on the side facing away from the air filter, so that no gasoline can leak. Remove any grass residue and coarse dirt deposits with a brush. Then clean the housing around the blades with a damp cloth. You can knock out the grass catcher, simply rinse any remaining grass with a garden hose.

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Tip 2 - Knife control

Firstly, blades that are out of focus do not mow well and can also be a source of accident. In this case, have the knives sharpened by a professional (specialist retailers). If this is no longer possible, the knives must be renewed.

Tip 3 - De-rusting and regreasing

Especially after the winter, but also occasionally in between, the lawn mower must be checked for rust. The affected areas must be freed from rust. To do this, use a wire brush or sand paper and rub off the rust in the truest sense of the word. If this happens, the affected lots can be painted over. This is not only visually more beautiful, the new paint also protects against new rust. Regular re-greasing of the bearings can prevent the ingress of water and consequent corrosion, so do not forget this step in lawnmower care.

Tip 4 - Empty the tank and check the oil level

Lawnmower Check oil level

The lawnmower will remain unused for a long time during the winter months, so it is important to drain the tank as much as possible, otherwise there is a risk of fire. The most ecological method is to refuel completely before the last mowing, so that you completely use up the contained gasoline. Also, the oil level must be controlled, which prevents teething problems for the next season start. Lacking oil. Recognizable by the marking of the dipstick, fill in according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Tip 5 - Air filter control

The air filter is not visible at first glance, no reason to neglect it. If the air filter is dirty, the lawnmower consumes more gasoline and wears faster. Slight soiling can be knocked out, but a heavily soiled filter must be replaced.

Tip 6 - Storage

So that the lawnmower is neither exposed to dust nor moisture, he should get a dry shelter (shed, cellar). Ideally, this place is also frost-free. Cover with a blanket or commercially available lawn mower covers.

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