Lawn Mowing - 5 Helpful Hints

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Lawn Mowing - Our Tips

Cut the lawn is easy, many think. Simply with the mower over it and done. You can do that if you put little value on your lawn. Who wants to have a nice and well-kept lawn, should follow the following Tips hold:

  1. Do not mow the lawn when it is wet. The reason: Due to the wetness, the stems stick together and can not be cut clean anymore.
  2. Do not cut grass too short when it is hot. There should always be a few more inches left, otherwise the soil may dry out too quickly.
  3. Check the blades before mowing the lawn. These should always be sharp, otherwise the grass will not be cut, but plucked.
  4. Optimal cutting height. This is about 4 centimeters. Since the height of a lawn mower is adjusted step by step and not in centimeters, you must first check whether the height also fits.
  5. Mow once a week. So that the lawn grows pretty dense, you should actually grab so often to the mower.

With these tips you will quickly get a perfect lawn.

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