Lawn mowing on a slope too difficult? - 5 alternatives presented!

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A hillside garden can be a real challenge. Especially the lawn mowing is very difficult. Here are 5 ideas on how lawn mowing on slopes is easier.

Lawn mowing on a slope - 5 ideas how to do it easier

Lawn mowing is one of the regular gardening jobs that only a few really enjoy. At the beginning of a gardening season you literally tear yourself away, long enough you have finally put your feet up in winter. Between the middle and the end it is only a mandatory ritual. The annoying matter is lawn mowing but especially if the lawn is uneven or you have to mow along the slope.

Especially hillside gardens require a lot of physical effort. So you have to laboriously push the heavy equipment up the slope and then make sure that the lawnmower not down the mountain - with one in tow - rages. Not infrequently accidents occur in such situations.

In addition to physical exertion, mowing on slopes can also cause damage to the lawnmower. To avoid this, it is important to find an alternative, especially on steep slopes.

Mowing the slope garden - 5 alternatives to the lawnmower

Alternative 1: Use scythe

What was traditionally customary in the past is rarely produced today. We are talking about the scythe. Mowing with a lawnmower is faster and easier. Here, experts agree: Proper scythe is not a feat of strength and also protects the back.

So before you work your way uphill or downhill with the lawnmower, you should rather resort to the traditional tool again. However, you should pay attention to the right size here. Under which criteria you find your suitable size, you can find out under

The advantage of a scythe is that you can mow even in wet grass. With a normal lawnmower you can do that better, because otherwise the shaving knife "sticks".

" A little hint: Of course, the result after the first time will not look like a lawnmower cut. But after a little practice, you will be more and more satisfied with your result.

Easier work with the brushcutter
Who likes it more convenient and would like a more even result, I recommend the purchase of a brushcutter - see leader The electric counterpart to the Handsense works precisely and you are done faster.

Alternative 2: Let the lawnmower robot drive

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A robotic lawnmower is a great invention for those who do not want to mow their lawn by hand. But he also creates slopes successfully? Yes! Provided he has a drive that can handle even larger slopes. Not everybody can do that.

My research shows that the best performance in Hanganlagen three Husqvarna models (nice overview on deliver. These robots create a pitch angle of up to 45 degrees. For comparison, other models reach just 25 degrees. In addition to the better drive, the small Rasenflitzer need a powerful engine and larger drive wheels.

Of course, lawn mowers have the advantage of doing their job on their own. You only need to allow some time at the beginning to install and lay the boundary wire. The boundary wires are important so the robotic lawnmower knows where to mow.

Alternative 3: Sheep as a lawn eater

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Granted, it may sound like a joke at first sight, but why not? If the slope is rarely used, it is advisable to graze on this area of ​​a sheep. Sheep love fresh grass and will definitely be able to eat its full weight on your hillside. Whether you buy a sheep directly or only once to borrow, of course, is at your discretion. Even if the mowing by the sheep is eliminated, the attitude of sheep does a bit of work. You should not forget that and maybe heed the tips of in advance. For example, in the cold and wet season, you must provide the sheep with a suitable stable where they can find shelter. In addition, the sheep want to eat something in the winter. If the meadow is grazed, you must feed with hay.

Not to forget: Sheep are farm animals. Depending on the breed, they provide wool or milk. If you want, you can also use it for meat production. But lambs are best suited for that.

Alternative 4: Reshape Hang

Why not draw something positive from the negative? There are so many complaints about hillside gardens, but they can be used to create very impressive plants.Although that means a little more work at first, you do not have to struggle with mowing again and again.

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Here, for example, a large stone staircase was built along the slope, which ends at a small pond. The area to the right and left of the stairs was filled with bark mulch, so that the weeds have no chance, because who wants to sit downhill and pluck weeds.

Shrubs and plants were set in the beds, which require little care and grow quite expansive. At the back the slope was fixed with gabions.

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Again, a stone staircase is an effective eye-catcher. The right area has already been stocked with all the plants that leave little room for weeds and even lawn mowing is out of the question here.

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Very impressive, I also find this variant. After all, it does not always have to be a hill with a higher pitch angle. Here several raised beds were placed one above the other. These are stones and climbing roses, which grow up on specially erected beams. The conclusion is made of planting stones, some of which are filled with stones and plants. Specially applied decorative elements provide an extra eye-catcher.

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The slope as an observation deck? Why not. Here a small sitting area with a bench and a staircase was built. The mix of stones, plants and relaxation zone is an excellent alternative to the otherwise necessary lawn mowing.

Alternative 5: Grow flower meadow

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Nature makes it to us, it does not always have to be accurate - even in the garden. You probably have the least amount of work if you accept your hangings as Mother Nature created them. Use a few early flowering plants and combine them with a colorful mixture of meadow flower seeds and you have a lusciously blooming slope almost all year round.

Video Board: How to Landscape a steep slope without Retaining walls.

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